How to Use Cotton Canvas as an Outdoor Fabric

When you’re trying to build an outdoor living space that’s useful even during the hottest, brightest times of the year, outdoor fabric coverings and curtains can add style, reduce heat and create some much-needed shade. Cotton canvas is an excellent choice for outdoor fabric projects, from awnings and canopies to umbrellas and curtains. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of decorating your outdoor area with cotton canvas outdoor fabric.

What Is Cotton Canvas?

Canvas is a sturdy, compact fabric that can be made from various materials, including cotton, hemp, linen, and PVC. Cotton canvas differs from other cotton fabrics because it has a tighter weave, making it stiffer, more durable, and heavier. This makes cotton canvas a great choice for tote bags and other accessories, as well as upholstery and curtains. Canvas even has inherent stain-resistant properties. Though not as soft or pliable as your favourite cotton tee-shirt, cotton canvas is useful for applications around the home.

Canvas as an Outdoor Fabric

The compact weave of cotton canvas makes it an excellent fabric for outdoor use. Canvas can naturally block sunlight which means you can avoid harmful UV light and unpleasant heat by using canvas to create areas of shade. In addition, canvas has some inherent water resistance, so you can use fabric coverings to enjoy your garden, even on rainy days. When buying material for your next outdoor decorating project, look for wholesale fabric suppliers that offer cotton canvas with properties like colourfastness, mildew resistance and durability.

Awnings Provide Vital Shade

An awning is a covering outside a building, typically over a door or window. They can vary widely in size and shape, but most awnings exist to protect windows and doors from outdoor elements like rain, snow and sunlight. If you live somewhere with a lot of sun exposure, a canvas awning could reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home and save on cooling costs. A larger awning, such as one connected to a pergola, can also be used as an outdoor seating area shielded from harsh sun and summer heat.

Outdoor Curtains Alter a Space

Cotton canvas is an excellent fabric for outdoor curtains which can be used to protect and decorate various spaces, including:

  • Porches
  • Balconies
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Pools

With outdoor curtains, you can enjoy your garden even when the weather is hot and sunny. You can spend time outside in the fresh air without exposing yourself to excessive heat and sunlight. In the cooler months, curtains can also block winds and rain. In addition, curtains may add privacy and help create different areas outdoors. Canvas is quite durable, so outdoor curtains are generally low-maintenance and can last a long time if you clean them occasionally.

Gazebos, Canopies and Pergolas

You can use cotton canvas as a covering or hanging on outdoor structures such as canopies, pergolas and gazebos. Canopies typically consist of a simple frame from which you can drape fabric, both on top and on the sides. Gazebos are similar to canopies, but they usually have a sturdy roof. You can use outdoor canvas curtains to adorn a gazebo. Pergolas also offer structure and cover, but they typically connect to a building as an awning does. Any of these exterior features pair well with outdoor fabrics like cotton canvas to create an elegant and functional outdoor living space.

Other Applications of Canvas

There are several other applications of canvas fabric when decorating outside. Cotton canvas is an excellent material for umbrellas that keep the sun off outdoor dining tables and lounge chairs. You can use canvas that matches any curtains or coverings you have to decorate your exterior spaces. Cushions, pillows and even garden furniture can be made from outdoor fabrics like canvas. You can use canvas indoors as well. It’s particularly beneficial in very sunny areas of the home. You can block summer heat and reduce your need for cooling while coordinating your decor with your outdoor colour palette by using canvas curtains inside.

You can use cotton canvas in a variety of outdoor spaces. For example, you can shield your windows and doors with coverings and awnings. Canopies and curtains can help you build cooler, shadier outdoor spaces. You can even accessorise with canvas umbrellas and cushions. Consider sun-blocking and water-resistant cotton canvas fabric for your next outdoor project.

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