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How to Sell Art Through your Site: The Beginner’s Guide

Many people think that you can only succeed if you hand over your artwork to any gallery to make a profit. But it is one of the several ways to earn money from your wall art.

The advanced technology made it easy to do business. For example, with the emergence of e-commerce, you can buy or sell any item online. Now, various buyers and sellers all over the world can contact each other through virtual marketplaces.

It becomes easy to sell and promote your art pieces online. You can effortlessly attract customers. It is a myth that artists make money with difficulties. Follow the instructions below to sell your art straight away:

Find your Style

Initially, find your style or niche that makes your art pieces unique from others. It will help to attract potential clients and tell them about your specialty. Sometimes, you feel tempted to go broad your style.

But, you will have higher chances of success if you stick to your style. It will also improve your skill in a particular theme, and you can become a perfectionist.

Know about Business 

At the starting stage, it is good to do self-study about business strategies. Then, you can take courses online as you can access them easily, learn at your pace, and are affordable.

Find Potential Clients

The best method to sell and buy art pieces is through online marketplaces. Buyers from everywhere contact sellers there and buy wall art even from first-timers. 

While posting your art pieces for sale, there are different aspects to consider, like knowledge about search engine optimization, keyword research, etc. 

Sell on Various Platforms

Use various online platforms to sell art pieces. Initially, focus on one platform and learn about your mistakes and correct them. After that, move on to other platforms. Sometimes, you earn more money from one website than other.

So, sell art on different websites to expand business and income sources. You can also sell artwork through online auctions, crafts fairs, or online galleries. While choosing, do proper research, and pick only trusted websites.

Sell Art Pieces on your Website

You all have an art portfolio and own website. If you do not want to work with a third party, you can sell your art pieces through your website. Your website design should be artistic to attract potential buyers.

Your website must showcase pictures of your best art pieces.

Try Print-on-Demand Websites

Nowadays, print-on-demand sites are very popular in the art world. When you upload quality images of your art pieces, you can print them on any material. The great part is that you only need to submit pictures; the rest operations website will handle.

Use Social Media

Try Social media accounts to sell art pieces to people who find your Instagram pages attractive. It is an effortless way to sell wall art to existing audiences. You can also post on Facebook or Twitter to promote art more.

Mindless self-promotions are not effective. So, interact with the audience and show them your vision like an average human, not an artist. It will build confidence and trust in your work.

Estimate Worth

While pricing your art pieces, do not overprice or underprice them. You can also try pricing formulas to calculate the prices. If you do not want to use them, then try formula-free art price calculators.

All you have to do is feed the size, medium, or style of your wall art, and you will get a nearly accurate price. 

Maintain Professionalism

Create an easy and safe payment procedure, and be compliant with the return policies. Also, handle packaging or shipping properly.

Awareness of Laws

While selling art pieces, understand the laws related to selling or trading. Go through different websites or books to know about relevant laws. It will help you to do smooth business.

Know your Potential Customers

It is essential to reach potential customers and understand what they are looking for on your site. It would help you look at who you are trying to reach and what they want. It will motivate you to create the right art pieces.

Describe the Story Behind Each Art Piece

Since you are interacting with customers online, not face-to-face, it is necessary to tell the value of your work and the inspiration behind the art piece. Correctly describe the story and process; if possible, mention the materials used to produce.

It will help customers to understand the quality of your work and attract them based on emotions.


You can create a great art piece and good money by following the instructions above. The website allows you to communicate with buyers and sell art pieces directly. You can avoid mediators and be an exclusive supplier.

With proper strategy, growth possibilities are unlimited.

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