How to save money on your wedding

Your special wedding may be costly than you think. Take charge of your hard earned cash and find out how to plan for your honeymoon, wedding and other wedding expenses.

Here are some of the best tips on how to save money on your wedding:

Marry on a weekdays

If you plan to marry on a week day, you are in a best company, many Royals favor to marry on a Friday. You may find that you can save 1,000 by just changing your wedding date from Monday to Thursday. Bear in mind your wedding planning, that if you plan to marry on a Friday or Thursday, you can forever extend the celebrations into the weekend, with a party or BBQ.

Marry out of season

If you are not fixated on having a hot month wedding, then look at substitute times of the year to get married. Peak season tend to fall between May and September, so opting for wedding in February or January, for example, is likely to save you 1,000 in costs. As an included bonus, you will be one of the first weddings of the year, before friends are fatigued by wedding season! You can also find lots of discount codes, coupon codes and offers, a late area deals for dates that have even been cancelled at last time. Moreover, no one can beat DealDrop when it comes to the best variety of coupon, promo and discount codes, so have a look at their collection before you shop online.

Cut back on guests

In the work of wedding planning you will be working at a number of guests. Get quote from your favored wedding place about cost per head, this will support plan how much you can keep by decreasing numbers. Cutting back on guests is one of the simple ways to make savings. Don’t forget the details of your next event by buying our stylish, wholesale linen chair covers for sale.

Stay in one venue

There is savings to be done by containing your wedding at single venue. In doing so, you can save money on transportation costs, wedding items and much more. Since this means you will be wasting more cash at your wedding place. Anyway, it is forever value asking and thinking about when picking your venue.

Honeymoon (optional for some, compulsory for others)

A little break may be a perfect way to wind down for all the fun of a wedding and to begin your married life in peace. It could be little stay in a hotel or an overseas holiday.

If you have spent a lot on the marriage, maybe your special honeymoon can wait until your finances have recovered.

Honeymoon money-saving tips:

Start planning early: Flights are generally affordable when booked in advance.

Spend within your limits: Apart from hotels and flights, do not forget to set budget for transport, meals, and ad-hoc expenses, e.g. tips, airport taxes, entrances fees to museums and parks.

Shop around for the top deal: Match prices between travel agents. Look out for any promotions and visit travel exhibitions as well.

A costly wedding is not necessarily and excellent wedding. Celebrating with those that you love and who like you is the most vital part of the day.

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