How To Rock Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses have been referred to as trendsetting fashion accessories for decades. Cinema starlets, bloggers, fashion icons, have all been seen sporting this style. It’s a statement piece that is all it takes sometimes to take an outfit to the next level. Cat eye glasses are glasses that have a larger width towards the edges with an upward swooping shape. The shape of these glasses, featuring the upward swoop, helps fake a face lift. This unique style sets this style apart from others. SmartBuyGlasses, is one of the leading eyewear retailers in the US and carries the largest variety of cat eye glasses from popular, designer, as well as affordable brands.

Cat eye glasses were first seen in the 1930s when filmmaker Altina Schinasi featured them in one of her productions. Each decade kept reimagining the shape, giving this style their own context, and meaning. The cat eye frames of the 40s featured a pointed corner. Then in the 1960s, they were seen in the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” where actress Holly Golightly wore iconic cat eye glasses in the opening scene. Soon after, this type of frames started to be worn by more and more women. In the 90s and 2000s, they really made a statement with their bright colored profiles and chunky, bold style. From 2010 until now, cat eye glasses and sunglasses have seen a major shrinkage in size, compared to when the style was first seen in the 1930s. Adding modern and geometric lines give these frames now a futuristic look.

There is a pair of cat eye glasses for almost every face shape. Oval shaped faces are the only face shapes that are able to pull off any look, or glasses, including cat eye glasses. Square shaped individuals can also wear cat eye glasses since the bottom of these frames have a classic round shape, hence finding a pair with rounder edges contrast the edges of such a face shape, thereby adding harmony to the face overall. Round faces are able to sport cat eye glasses as well, the trick to achieving harmony for round face shapes is to wear a pair that features contrasting shapes or edges. With cat eye frames, it can be a bit tricky since they have a round base. In this case, it’s essential to look for frames with square bases or have more angular and geometric shapes towards the temples.

With the rising popularity of this shape of glasses, it’s important to go shopping where there are many options available. SmartBuyGlasses has a collection of over 80,000 eyewear from hundreds of brands, including designer brands as well as high quality affordable ones. In addition to the number of options, is their easy virtual try-on tool that makes it possible to try on all the options without feeling pressured like when shopping at an optical store. They also have an easy solution if you can’t find your prescription. Download their free prescription lens scanner to extract the prescription from your glasses, directly into your account. There’s complete peace of mind when shopping there as every contact lenses online prescription order is verified by an in-house certified optician at SmartBuyGlasses.

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