How to know the career possibilities with full stack developer and big data architect training

Any Big Data or full stack developer training allows a professional to transform their career suitably as a Hadoop architect. Such a certification allows one to master the different aspects of Hadoop that include real-time processing of data using NoSQL and Spark databases. The certification also teaches professionals to use other Big Data technologies like Kafka, Impala, and Storm. It helps develop skills and knowledge of tools like Data Model Creation, Cassandra, Zookeeper, clusters, sharding, scalability, replication, SparkSQL, and much more. Knowledge of these technologies helps professionals to gain some of the highest-paid jobs in the IT industry at present.

Role of a full-stack developer

The role of a full-stack developer at any organization requires multitasking of both the client and server-side applications. Professionals with the right kind of big data architect training can work on both the frontend and the backend of the software simultaneously. They have developed their knowledge of every layer of the application and are expected to know how each layer works in tandem. The training allows professionals to gain mastery over the different components of the Hadoop ecosystem like Pig, Impala, Sqoop, MapReduce, Hive, and more. They can create real-time processing with these skills and more.

Job roles for full-stack professionals

A professional with full stack developer training may find a career as a full-stack developer, backend or frontend developer, and as a web developer or web designer. The role of a full-stack developer allows one to work at both the front and backend frameworks. It is one of the most sought-after roles in the industry and pays handsomely to the right professional. The backend developer would require one to have good skills to handle server-side languages like Java, Python, PHP, and Ruby. As a frontend developer one shall need to have proficiency in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You may check the  frontend developer jobs in the USA, this field is rapidly growing

Job roles for Big Data professionals

The big data architect training allows professionals to gain jobs as data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and data architects. All of these roles require one to handle vast quantities of raw data to analyze and evaluate new sources of data. The data engineer acts as a link between the business executive and the data scientist to achieve the business objectives. The role of a data analyst is to create automated systems to retrieve information and compile reports. The data scientist uses structured and unstructured data to derive information for business leaders.


The Big Data or full stack developer training helps professionals gain some of the best job roles available in the field of IT at present. These pieces of training allow them to gain suitable skills and knowledge of a vast amount of technologies to handle and create new systems and direct or advise business heads. These job roles allow a professional to rise to the top of the pyramid easily and gain some of the biggest pay packets in the industry. These roles allow them to direct the future of an organization by driving business insights as per the requirements.

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