How to Identify if Your Pet Kitten’s Sneezing is Normal or Not?

An occasional cough or sneeze in your pet kitten isn’t a red flag. But prolonged sneezing may be a matter of concern. While cats are known for hiding their illnesses very well, visible symptoms may clue you in to issues with their health and wellness.

Your kitten sneezes for the same reason you sneeze – to eliminate foreign particles that have entered the nasal passages. Cat parents need to be worried about their pet felines if incessant sneezing is accompanied by a few other symptoms like discharge from nose/eyes, coughing or wheezing, decreased appetite, fatigue, etc.

The best pet insurance allows you to provide your pet kitten with quick, high quality medical assistance in times of illnesses, accidents, and other health-related situations. Purchase cat insurance in NZ to cover much of your pet health care costs, making pet wellness more economical for you. Meanwhile, read this article to know about the potential causes and remedies for kitten sneezing. 


The most general cause of sneezing in your pet kitty is viral infections in the upper respiratory tract. Some of the common viruses that make your little kitty sneeze due to illness are the Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus.

The two contagious viruses mentioned above are non-transmissible from animals to humans. So, you will be spared from the miseries these harmful viruses cause in your infected kitten. To confirm a viral infection, your vet may make a swab test. Your vet would typically extract the discharge from the eye/nose and saliva from the mouth/throat to diagnose your kitten for any viral infection.

Younger cats commonly contract these infections, especially if they are housed in an animal shelter. Taking preventive care is the easiest thing you can do for the well-being of your pet kitten. Early vaccinations help in combating the medical issues arising because of viral invasions.

Other infections

Multiple other infections, some rare and some quite common, may induce sneezing symptoms in your kitten. Some of them are Mycoplasma, Bordetella, Feline Leukaemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Feline Coronavirus, etc. 

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Foreign bodies

Foreign bodies entering your kitten’s respiratory system while inhaling air may cause much irritation and subsequent sneezing. Some of the most common irritants comprise smoke, dust, perfume, scents, chemical cleaning sprays, pollen, candles, mould and tobacco smoke.

Have a watchful eye on your kitten to know when the sneezing bouts occur. For example, your kitty may be sensitive to dusty cat litter or a lighted scented candle or perfume sprays, etc. Have this information so you can control the triggers and keep your kitty safe.

There are a few other medical conditions that may cause sneezing in your young furry family member. For instance, nasal passage tumours or a tooth root infection drainage entering her sinuses.

By all means, you should take her to the vet immediately if she is experiencing much discomfort and/or significantly increased sneezing. Timely medical help helps ease her pain and helps prevent further health damage. The best pet insurance covers not only her regular and chronic illnesses (as long as they didn’t exist before you took out the policy) but also dental complaints too. Have cat insurance  NZ to support your pet kitten’s health and make some savings on her health expenses.

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