How to find the best online betting sites

Online sports betting are now a big pastime activity for a significant number of people. Most are in it for the fun and thrill while others are in it to earn. We have over and over reminded bettors that online indian local betting sites should be purely for entertainment purposes but if you decide to venture into it as a means to earn some money make sure you bet responsibly as it has a way of getting you into financial and health problems.

The trick as Kate Richardson (You can view her profile here), an online betting expert as well as a seasoned bettor puts it lies in moderation of the activity. As a popular adage goes “too much of anything can be dangerous” so is excessive gambling, it can put you into trouble, both financially and health-wise. You may lose money that is meant for other purposes getting you into debts and ultimately serious stress and depression. That is why Kate Richardson emphasizes selecting bookmakers wisely. If you find a bookmaker who does not warn when you go into excess either through providing advice on responsible betting, run for your dear life.

This article takes us through how we can select the best online betting sites and we dare emphasize that those that sensitize on responsible betting rank highly. Betting sites in UAE and best betting site in nigeria  and indeed many other parts of the world have taken this initiative; they are urging bettors to bet responsibly. For this responsible act, we say kudos. Betting should not put anyone into financial or health problems, it ought to be fun and thrilling, not a source of misery.

Back to the topic of the day, when it comes to the selection of bookmakers, bettors are overwhelmed especially given that there are so many sites offering betting services online and offline. One thing that you should know is that not all online betting sites are created equal, some are better than others and in so many aspects. So what should you look for in an online betting site to qualify it as a contender for the best bookmaker?

Legal status

Online sports betting are a regulated activity and each country has its own rules that govern it. It is important to establish whether the bookmaker has followed the rules in its establishment. This calls for familiarization with the laws governing betting in your jurisdiction. You will find that different countries treat gambling and online sports betting differently. There are some countries where betting is illegal, this means that if you are a citizen of such a country or are operating there, it would be unlawful if you participated in any form of betting.

In others, some aspects of betting are not allowed. So, it is important to establish whether the bookmaker you are dealing with has met the requirements as set by the laws in your country. While this may not be an easy task, establishing the legal status of a bookmaker will save you time and money. And again, you do not want to break the laws. Sometimes you can engage in online betting without breaking the law even if any form of gambling is outlawed. You can use the loopholes or gaps in the law to legally engage in online sports betting. However, this will require a thorough understanding of the betting laws.

You do not need to spend hefty sums seeking legal advice from experts, a leading online betting daily prediction and tips provider, Mightytips has carried a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of gambling in almost all countries in the world. With such a comprehensive analysis, a bettor will be in a position to know what can be done as well as what should be avoided in a given jurisdiction. Mightytips analysis includes:

  • The legal requirements that bookmakers should meet before registrations
  • Which aspects of betting are allowed and outlawed
  • Any possible changes in the law in future
  • Gaps that exist in the legal frameworks, among other aspects

The features in a betting site

Apart from the legal status of a bookmaker, a bettor needs to analyze the features of a website before making a final decision. The features that bookmaker provides will determine the user experience. The more features the better and they also have to be user-friendly and easily navigable. When we talk about navigation in a website, we mean that users should have a great experience, right at the moment they land on the page, to the interactions and also how they move from one item to another.

The page should load at a reasonable speed, it should be easy to get what you need, and above all ensure that the privacy and safety of the user are maintained at all times. Personal information should be safeguarded and all measures should be put in place to ensure that the funds are secure. As a bettor, you do not want to have a situation where your money cannot be traced; it can be very disappointing losing heard earned money.

Promotions and other incentives

Online sports betting thrives on incentivizing its services, they are constantly offering promotions and bonuses, enticing bettors to consume their products. While we encourage responsible betting, giving in to promotions and bonus is not a sin, go to bookmakers that promise to reward you for patronizing their services, it will not only help you save but also have a great experience when betting.


Check on reviews by users and also from experts; this will ensure you do not get into a website just based on bookmakers’ information. You need to have a second and even a third opinion, with such information, you cannot go wrong. Mightytips takes to review and analysis of bookmakers seriously, as part of the useful information to their users; they have provided comprehensive reviews and analysis of bookmakers. This helps new and seasoned online betting enthusiasts to make a decision based on objective and independent reviews.

Selecting a bookmaker can be a herculean task but when you following these and other tips, the journey to the betting world and responsible one for that matter will have kicked in earnest. Use these tips to improve your experience with betting websites.

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