How to enhance the confidence level of students: steps to follow

Trusting our capabilities, to positively overcome our weaknesses and become a better version of ourselves is known as confidence. From academic achievements, everyday life to future job success, the confidence level is very important for all the students to possess. It helps them in many ways like better communication, interaction, strong interpersonal relationships, representation, low levels of stress, and enhancements in many other personality traits. But many students struggle with low confidence. Let us discuss some tips and techniques which students can use to improve themselves in this regard.

What should students do?

1. Don’t compare yourself with others

Every individual is different from the other. Not all can be excellent at everything. We have our strengths and weaknesses which are different from that of others. The main reason behind students having a low level of confidence is that they compare themselves with other students. For example, there is a student who is very quick at answering, and others take time to think and answer, they start believing that they are not intelligent enough.

This mindset lowers self-esteem and confidence as well as affects the actions of the students. All the learners must try to develop a nature in which they feel happy about their strengths and work to overcome their weaknesses without any comparisons with others. This optimistic mindset will surely improve their confidence level.

2. Trust yourself and stay positive

Positivity in life is very important. The way we think is the way we act. To ensure confident actions, a positive mindset must be built. Students instead of self-doubting and overthinking should trust themselves. With self-trust and the realisation of self-worth, students can become more confident in life. With a positive attitude, students can interact better and can make strong connections with others. And this helps them to stay confident.

3. Reward your small accomplishments

The best way to stay confident and achieve your big goals, rewarding oneself for whatever small you have accomplished can help. Don’t say that you will be elated only when you achieve your main goal. Stay happy and motivated by accomplishing every small step you take. This will surely boost the self-confidence of the learners.

What should teachers do?

4. Encourage them to participate in class

The more we communicate and interact with others, the more confident we become. Also, confident students are more disciplined which ensures effective school management. Therefore all the teachers must encourage the learners to participate as much as possible. Conduct activities where students get the opportunity to speak and share their views, opinions.

When students interact with one another, their knowledge is improved which boosts their confidence level. Also, when they speak something correctly, the appreciation received makes them more confident. Using ERP software, organise activities like group discussions, debates, recitations, presentations, and question rounds so that students can interact more.

5. Talk to them more

Sometimes when teachers don’t communicate well with the students, they feel lonely and under-confident. But to help them overcome this issue, communication with every student is important. When students know that there is somebody with whom they can share their personal thoughts and problems, they feel valued, and also their confidence level is boosted. Some students are active in talking while some are shy and conservative. Use ERP software to manage your classes and make out time to interact with every student. Listen and later guide them on what to do. By receiving quality suggestions and feedback, the confidence level in the learners can be increased.

5. Set short purposes for them

Small achievements are the best to boost one’s self-confidence and encourage him or her to continue the work with the same spirit and determination. Teachers should also set short-term tasks and goals for the students. These shorter tasks are easy to accomplish. And accomplishments motivate students to continue the effective work. Very high expectations and standards are difficult to achieve, are challenging too which makes students anxious and lower their confidence level.  To ensure school management and high confidence in learners, setting short, easy, and rational goals can work.


For higher academic performance and success in future jobs, confidence in oneself is very essential. It only makes us proud of what we are but also helps to improve ourselves every day with an optimistic approach. Many learners struggle with the problem of low confidence level and to overcome this, above mentioned tips are helpful. We also discussed some tips which teachers can use to boost the confidence level of the learners.

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