How To Drive Inbound Traffic With A Brand Trial

Whether your brand is new or established, there are three important things you need to focus on to be successful: making more people aware of your brand, getting them to try your product, and making them loyal to your brand.

It’s a simple process – when more people know about your brand, they are more likely to buy your product. If they like it, they may keep buying it and become loyal customers. Other things like being honest, telling the story of your brand, and being genuine can also help build brand loyalty. Let’s take a look at how to drive in traffic with a brand trial.

Curating A Brand Trial

Digital Marketing

By leveraging the power of social media, you can promote the various methods mentioned earlier for generating trials and achieve maximum impact.


When launching a new product under an established brand, one effective approach is to pair samples of the new product with an existing, preferably popular product. This allows consumers to try the new product while already buying a product they know and like.


If your product is not a consumable, you can still get customers to try it by demonstrating its features and benefits to them. Creating an enjoyable and memorable experience that showcases your brand in a positive light can be an effective way to generate brand awareness and encourage customers to try your product.

The Significance Of A Brand Trial

One of the most important strategies for brands is to cultivate an emotional relationship with consumers, especially for those catering to the masses. Experiential marketing programs can help create a new and exciting experience that connects with consumers on a deeper level.

By interacting face-to-face with brand ambassadors who are knowledgeable and personable, consumers can understand the purpose of the product and how it can improve their lives. Experiential campaigns can create brand fanatics who become more loyal to the brand and are eager to try new products and share their experiences with others.

Even if there are no products to try, consumers won’t forget the immersive experience and will recall it when they see the brand’s name, making them more likely to try the product.

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