How to choose natural stone jewelry?

They would relieve depression, stress, tension and all excessive emotional states. They would also have the power to bring luck and promote sleep. We are of course talking about natural stone jewelry. This is the trend of the moment. These accessories, in addition to enhancing your clothing style, transmit their many virtues to you. Click here for High quality  Puravida Bracelets.

You wish to acquire a jewel in natural stone, but you are a little lost, as the offer is so varied and wide. Here you will find all the information to make a good choice.

Choose jewelry according to its beneficial qualities

One of the main criteria to take into account when buying natural stone jewelry is their beneficial properties. Indeed, these stones are used in the field of alternative medicine and more precisely in lithotherapy. 

This discipline uses the therapeutic power of crystals and minerals to cure several diseases. According to specialized professionals, each natural stone can be linked to one of the 7 chakras and has specific properties. We present to you some quality stones with their virtues:

  • Tiger’s Eye: This stone grants strength, courage, and confidence to the user. It also promotes creation;
  • Rose quartz: it has reassuring effects and is effective against phobias and thyroid problems;
  • Aquamarine: it strengthens the nascent love and the love of couples;
  • Aventurine: known to promote the expression of emotions, it blocks the bad waves emitted by electronic devices;
  • Chrysocolla: Stone of serenity, it optimizes self-confidence;
  • Hematite: it fights fatigue and improves sleep;
  • Etc
  • As you have noticed, not all natural stones will bring you the same benefits. It is therefore advisable to see the problems you wish to treat and to choose the stone (s) accordingly.

Stone according to your zoadic sign

Astrology is another element on which you can base yourself to choose the natural stone jewel that suits you. Do you want to wear a natural stone ring, bracelet or necklace that looks like you? Know that each sign of the zodiac is associated with so-called precious stones and fine stones. If you are for example an Aries, it is best to turn to a fashion accessory made with Hematite, Citrine or Red Jasper. Scorpios can opt for aquamarine, carnelian or malachite. As for the fish, it is the Wholesale Jewelry in amethyst, aquamarine or sapphire that will be perfect for them. We could not quote here all the 12 zodiac signs with their respective stones.

Choose the stone according to the occasion

For what circumstances do you want to put your jewelry in stones? Here is an important question whose answer will be useful to you in choosing your jewel. Depending on whether you want to wear your jewel every day or on the occasion of certain ceremonies, you will not choose the same jewel in natural stone. Generally, white diamond jewelry is worn on special occasions, especially during engagements, weddings, etc. Very versatile, they have the advantage of matching all styles of clothing.

Don’t forget to consider the budget as well. Note that natural gems that have not undergone any treatment are more expensive than those that have been artificially modified.

Discover the different kinds of natural stone bracelets

When we talk about a natural bracelet, we are talking about quality, originality, elegance and design. The bracelet also contains virtues for good health. It comes in different forms and all of them have a significant impact on health. In different countries, traditions stipulate that natural stones are used magically and are made in the form of pendants or amulets, necklaces, rings and bracelets for good luck.

You have a varied palette of bracelets that you will choose according to your astrological sign, its aesthetic aspect, its size and its virtues. Artists and jewelry designers use the stones of these bracelets for their own creations. Each natural bracelet has a virtue that we invite you to discover in the rest of this article. The first inhabitants of the earth knew that the stones were repositories of the power of the ancestors who preceded them.

The bracelet in the type of natural amethyst stone

This stone bracelet has several virtues such as healing insomnia and anxiety, balancing the crown chakra. It is a protective stone with healing and cleansing power. It is used for the manufacture of several bracelets of your choice such as the Amethyst square bracelet , Chakra beads.

The bracelet in the type of turquoise natural stone

It promotes an energetic flow of love, health and abundance, clears the path to higher consciousness, encourages self-realization and problem solving. It is used to make Turquoise Pyramids bracelets, Turquoise Protection Beads, Chakra Beads.

The shiny hematite natural stone type bracelet

It plays a role of absorbing negative energy and calming worries. It helps to stay grounded and it heals certain pains.

The bracelet in matte gray hematite natural stone type

It stimulates concentration and memory, eliminates stress and anxiety, gives courage and strength. This stone is used for hematite bracelets with black nails, matte hematite bracelet Pyramides.

The Blue lapis natural stone type bracelet

Encourages prosperity and abundance, stimulates creativity and imagination, develops self-expression and awareness. From this type of stone is born the Lion Head blue lapis bracelet.

The shiny onyx natural stone type bracelet

Encourages happiness and good fortune, improves protection and physical strength, aids in meditation. Thanks to this stone, we make the Onyx Wheels Bracelet, the Onyx Crowns Bracelet, the Onyx Cross Bracelet, the Shining Onyx Pyramids Bracelet.


People who love and understand natural stones are well aware that each stone has a set of properties that stand out from the rest. There are different types of natural stone bracelets. These bracelets use stones with energetic properties to subtly change the life and health of the wearer. In theory, negative energy leaves the wearer and becomes trapped within the bracelet.

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