How Online Running for 100 Days Changed My Body Shape

I had excess fat all across my waist and I was gaining a lot of weight. The work-from-home culture took its toll on my body and I was starting to get used to my increased size. I got a wake-up call when I first heard about Vingo, an app for online running. A friend of mine recommended the app to be matched with my treadmill. I did, and I found it very interesting. Ever since, I’ve been regularly running on my treadmill and I’ve never missed a day. So, what made me run with an app, you ask? Here’s how it worked out.

I first downloaded the app on a tablet and placed it in front of me over the treadmill. I had the app connected with the treadmill and got into it. It was a whole new world. The app has beautifully designed spots inside it, which I could view when I ran. Even more, the app synchronised with my treadmill and matched with my speed and pace. It was as if I got into the virtual world.

Customisation Options of Vingo

There are a lot of cool features in the app, like, avatar customisation, track completion bonuses, coins rewards to be used in the app’s shop, and more.

The avatars are how we are shown inside the app. We just have to upload a selfie and the app turns us into something like a game character, which runs just like we do on a treadmill, only inside, it runs on the sceneries we select. There are a lot of cool spots in the app and we can unlock more and more as we complete daily challenges. Be it on the sandy beaches of Hawaii or the latest spot like the volcanic mountains of Iceland, this app will take us into a whole new world while we work-out. I would say it is the best Indoor running app available as of now.

Join Your Friends in the Social Media 

The social connectivity feature in the app allows us to connect with fellow runners and joggers from across the world. We can chat with them over voice and if we need a quiet time running, we can always mute the chat. Social connectivity also means, Vingo is more than an Online running app, it is a social network for people who want an exciting time while they work out.

The communities inside the app are also oriented towards physical fitness. To be fair people get together based on the locations they select while they run. This is understandable, since they find interest in the locations. The app also has cool facts about the spot we select to run, making it an educational experience too.

Install the Vingo App Today

I used Vingo regularly to get fit in less than 100 days and I didn’t even feel the strain of working-out! It is the perfect app for getting all the urgent care that you need to build a better you. I’ve seen the advantage of using the Vingo app. You too can transform your life with the app. See you soon on Vingo.

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