How Much Does Lawn Care Cost? Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Cost

Is your lawn looking a little worse for wear? If so, you may be thinking about hiring someone to come in and take care of it. But, how much does lawn care cost? That is the question that many homeowners are trying to answer when they find themselves with an overgrown yard. The good news is that plenty of different factors are involved in determining the price of professional lawn mowing services. This blog post will discuss what these factors are and provide some ballpark estimates on how much it might cost you.

Types of Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance

There are a few different types of lawn care and maintenance that you might need, depending on the condition of your yard. The most common services include:

Lawn mowing – Includes regular mowing of the grass at an appropriate height, trimming around obstacles, and disposal of clippings.

Weed control – Killing and removing weeds from the lawn using herbicides or manual methods.

Fertilization – Applying fertilizer to promote healthy growth of the grass

Aeration – Drilling small holes in the soil to allow for better water drainage and air circulation.

Pest control – Treating the lawn for pests such as grubs, ticks, fleas, ants, etc.

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How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

One of the most common services is kyle’s heating and air. The average homeowner spends approximately $200 a year on this service, but many factors are involved in determining how much you will pay for someone to come and cut your grass. A few of these include:


Larger properties require more time and labor from the person doing the work, so they cost more. Average, expect to pay anywhere between $20-$35 per visit if you have an acre or less (typically up to 0.25 acres). If you have over an acre (over 0.50 acres), then expect to spend around $30-45 each time it needs to be done because it takes longer with all that extra space.


Lawn mowing in the spring and fall tends to cost more than mowing in the summer months when it is hotter. At this time of year, grass grows rapidly, so you will need someone to come out every week, whereas, during other seasons, that may not be necessary. Plus, fewer people are likely looking for work or are available after the busy season ends.

Special requests

If you have special requests such as cutting your lawn from one direction rather than another (so as not to disturb any gardens), additional trimming around obstacles like trees/shrubs/flower beds, etc., expect to pay extra because these things take longer! There’s also an upcharge if you want them to do edging or clean-up afterward.

Number of visits

A good rule-of-thumb is to expect to pay around $30-$45 per visit if you have an acre or less. If you are over that, then it will likely be closer to the smaller end of this range because it takes more time and effort with all that extra space. Additionally, some landscapers charge by the day/time frame rather than by how much they mow, so ask them what their policy on this is.

How Much Does Weed Control Cost?

Many homeowners do not realize about lawn care services that weed control often comes included in your overall price quote for having someone come out. The benefit here is that weeds can easily take over a yard within just one growing season, turning it into a patchwork of healthy and unhealthy grass. If you have weeds encroaching on your lawn from all angles, this can cause problems for the health and aesthetic appeal (weeds look bad, and they often take nutrients away from the grass).

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