How is the COVID-19 Pandemic bringing QR Codes back to prominence?

QR codes are not a new concept. They first appeared in 1994, about two decades ago. They are, nonetheless, reappearing like if they were only invented yesterday. Which raises the question: what went wrong?

QR codes, believe it or not, have been popping up all over the place over the years. A lot of marketing were done utilizing technology in the mid-2000s. It did, however, fade away eventually.

The innovation has witnessed a tremendous increase in overall use since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. What went wrong? Did individuals make much use of QR codes as a result of the scenario, or did they grasp the complete capacity of the long-forgotten technologies and the development of the scenario?

Usability as a non-pandemic factor

Access is one of the primary reasons why QR codes died several times after their introduction. While the only requirement for using the photograph is a smartphone with a camera, which was not widely available in the early 2000s. As there was a QR code generator being available online, its use are still not known.

Smartphones were considered a luxury item instead of a necessity at the time. Furthermore, it only had a restricted number of uses, making the capability of QR codes substantially unattainable. Ultimately, QR codes are more like a spectacle than a viable technology back then.

What Ultimately Happened During the Pandemic?

Moving forward to a point when smartphones were becoming more sophisticated, QR codes were not a big hit back then.

Whereas the technology was becoming more popular, not everyone was eager to whip out their phone and scan the picture. It’s possible that most people deem it as more of hassle than a benefit, or that people was able to function without having to put forth the effort to understand what they were doing.

When the pandemic struck, several tools were put to use to make daily living more comfortable and secure. For example, wireless purchase and transaction variables were adopted over all others.

In this endeavor, QR codes began to be employed in methods they had never been done previously. As a result, its potential was found, which led to a chain of events. One of the solutions people integrate is a menu QR code and payment QR codes. QR codes have become the preferred method for everything from rudimentary tracking to wireless transactions.

The Advantages of QR Codes that Set Them Apart

QR codes did not become commonplace only because they enabled contactless purchases. A lot of technologies, in fact, supplied that. Instead, QR codes provide a slew of advantages, both major and minor, that make them a more cost-effective and practical option.

1. Quicker to display information

Scanning a QR code takes only a fraction of a second, which is substantially faster than any other existing technology. As a result, it does not clog the line or make people wait, which is essential during a pandemic.

2. Inexpensive

The two items you have to start using QR codes are a QR code generator with logo and some imagination. It merely takes a few steps to make a QR code if you can conceive of a solution. Since it is so inexpensive to install, it is financially sustainable for many types of usage.

3. Has varied uses

QR codes enable you to ignore all other technologies. Because of its versatility, if you can think anything, you can do it. As a result, you don’t require any others. You can do anything with QR codes alone, which saves money and keeps it all in one location for easy movement.


QR codes have a great prospect. More uses for QR codes can be explored when as the quarantine restrictions loosen and more businesses are able to return on their feet.

It is no longer an issue as to whether or not QR codes are beneficial; rather, it is a question as to how else they can be employed. They have created a big opportunity for every sector to better their processes, and the sky is the limit.

It is crucial to note, however, that the popularity of QR codes is mostly due to their ease of use.

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