How I’ll Propose to My Girlfriend

Sneakily Getting Her Ring Size

I want to buy my girlfriend the perfect engagement ring, but there’s one major problem: I don’t know her ring size! I could ask her parents, but I would rather handle it myself, and in a way that she won’t suspect.

So, I’m going to take us to a jewelry store at the mall and buy her a normal ring. She’ll have to tell me her ring size, then, and all I’ll have to do is remember it for the real deal. I’m still working on what to say when I pop the question— “I got you a better ring, didn’t I?” sounds nice—but I hope to have thought of something even more romantic by then!

The Best Place to Propose is the Beach

My girlfriend and I met on the beach during a summer vacation. She destroyed me at volleyball, and I was completely awestruck by her beauty, elegance, and competitiveness. After the game, I asked her out, and we had a few great dates. Before we knew it, we were officially together.

So many people propose where they first met their significant other. I’m going to do the same thing. This means that we’ll have to take another vacation to get there, which is exciting. Hopefully, she won’t suspect anything, and it will all be a wonderful surprise!

Taking a Vacation Together

Speaking of that vacation, it’ll be such a pleasure to get some alone time with her, and to take a break from work and all of the stress at home. Being away will put her at ease, too, which I’m sure will make the proposal go even more smoothly!

Getting a Facelift to Look My Absolute Best

If there’s anything I would like to change about myself, it’s my aging face. Father Time has been particularly cruel to me, but thankfully, Mother Science has a solution!

I’m going to get a male facelift before the proposal so that I can look my absolute best for her. A successful proposal is, of course, all about exuding confidence, and this facelift will certainly make me feel fantastic. In fact, I’ll look 10 years younger and absolutely shine!

Spending the Day with Her Before the Proposal

Before and during the vacation, I’ll be spending most of my time with my girlfriend. That’s why I want to make the month leading up to the proposal heavenly for her. I might even sneak in a conversation about marriage to gauge her feelings!

One of the first things I plan to do is treat her to dinner more often. I also want to watch a bunch of rom coms with her, because she is obsessed with them. The goal is to get her in the best possible mood so that, when the time finally comes, it will all be smooth sailing!

Taking Her Out to a Romantic Restaurant

Right before the proposal, I’m going to take her to a romantic restaurant. It’ll be the 5-star Italian place near the beach, which has some of the best champagne I’ve ever tasted! There will be beautiful classical music, a gorgeous atmosphere, and dedicated waiters within arm’s reach. The food will be unforgettable, and the dessert will be absolutely divine. It’ll be the perfect night!

A Wine Tasting to Calm the Nerves

On the day of the proposal, I might want a drink or two! I don’t want to get tipsy, but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of wine to settle the nerves. There’s also something so romantic about enjoying a few glasses together in an absolutely gorgeous vacation spot!

It’s normal to be anxious about proposing—for example, I’m afraid that she may not like the style of ring—but I need to focus on living in the moment rather than fretting about what hasn’t happened yet. Here’s hoping that it will all go swimmingly, and that there will be nothing to worry about when the big moment comes!

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