How garlic is grown in china

The cultivation of garlic in china dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. China is the largest production house of garlic, supplying 80% globally. The ancient Chinese used garlic in the making of traditional garlic medicines, after recognizing the antibiotic properties of garlic. Garlic is produced through the vegetative propagation method. Since the garlic does not produce seed, cloves of garlic are used for the propagation of garlic. China garlic wholesale is famous to worldwide.

Preparation of soil:

The first step done in the growing of garlic is the preparation of the field. The field is prepared by making it free from all types of weeds and then digging of the soil is done. The addition of organic matter or any other fertilizers increases the fertility of the soil.

Furthermore, plowing of the soil is done to make it lose for the better absorption of light as the crops grow best in light.

Planting the bulb into the field:

First, individual cloves are separated from the bulb for plantation into the soil. Cloves are soaked into water containing an equal amount of baking soda along with organic seaweed (liquid) for about 2 hours. This step is done for preventing the cloves from rotting in the soil. Garlic contains sulfur it which is a natural insect preventer because it produces a pungent smell. Fungicides are served to prevent the garlic from fungus-related diseases.

  • Cloves of garlic are placed into the soil in a way that the pointed side of garlic would be facing upside.
  • Cloves are sowed into the soil by some distance between each clove.
  • Normally this distance is 4-6 inches. They are planted not so deep into the soil.
  • The depth is usually doubled as the size of the clove.
  • The space between the rows is one foot apart.
  • Now, Putting the cloves into the soil is done.
  • In the end watering of the field is done.

Garlic grows underground. After the plantation and all these procedures are done, the roots begin to grow in the soil from the cloves. Leaves of garlic grow outside the soil.

The skins of the bulb tell the garlic is ready to harvest. When there are about 5-6 skins, losing its roots is done by a mechanical digger. After losing the roots, the garlic plant is pulled by hand. Drying of the garlic is done by putting them under the sun at least for  15 days. The garlic is covered by the leaves to protect green cloves from sunburn.

Workers cut the leaves and roots of garlic to complete the curing process. The garlic is then again put for 15 days in the wooden blocks. At this step, the garlic becomes ready to supply.

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