How do I Prepare for the SBI Clerk Exam?

It is vital to have a detailed study plan and practice thoroughly to ace the SBI Clerk exam. It’s critical to understand your strengths and then tailor your preparation accordingly. Let’s say Reasoning and Quant Sections are your strong areas, but you are weak in Current Affairs and English. If you nodded at this, you should aim to maximize your score in these two areas to clear the cutoff.

To pass the SBI clerk test, candidates must put forth a lot of effort. Because of the high level of competition and the complexity of the questions, passing the SBI Clerk exam is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing year.

Dive into this article to find the best tips and tricks to score well in the SBI Clerk 2021 exam.

Important topics in SBI Clerk syllabus 2021

While studying for the SBI clerk exam 2021, candidates should prepare several important topics in each section. Candidates should review the most recent syllabus from the official website and have a clear idea of the topic weights. As a result, a candidate should concentrate more on queries with a higher weightage.

SBI Clerk Study Plan

For exam preparation, one should vigilantly design a timetable so that they can have time for revision too. Separate the topics in which you are most at ease from those in which you are most challenged. One should invest more time in the difficult areas and practice thoroughly, especially if those topics carry higher weightage in the exam.

Read regularly

Reading regularly will benefit you in the written exam’s general awareness, current affairs,  personal interview, and group discussion sections. A candidate should develop the habit of reading a newspaper and a financial magazine to stay updated with the happenings around him/her.

Know the fundamentals and principles

Understanding the principles and knowing the fundamentals is essential for solving any type of inquiry. It is necessary to put some thought while choosing the study material so that it aids in the development of topic knowledge.

Strive to improve your skills

Hard work has no substitute. Therefore, a candidate should put in as much practice time as feasible. Begin with the areas of your expertise and interest and gradually increase the difficulty level and practice difficult problems.

Organize your time

Time management is important and should be planned in your initial stages of preparation. During the exam, you might find some questions difficult and confusing. It is better to simply skip them and move on to the next question.  As a result, a candidate should keep a check on the time and strive to answer the questions as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of correctness.

One should devote the appropriate amount of time to one question, and if they are unable to answer the question, the candidate should proceed. One should start with the easy questions and work their way up to the slightly more difficult ones during the exam.

Practice Regularly

Practice makes a man perfect! A candidate should practice online mock test papers available at BYJU’S Exam Prep and time himself/ herself with a stopwatch. This practice can assist the candidate in better preparing for the exam.

Practice SBI clerk mock test series can be taken advantage of to increase your efficiency and excellence. Furthermore, to easily obtain good grades, develop your talents by focusing more on vital topics.

Accuracy Matters

A negative marking of 0.25 for each incorrect answer is there in both the SBI clerk prelims and mains exams. So, when taking an online test, ensure that you don’t lose marks by answering questions incorrectly that you aren’t sure of.

Improve your Grammar

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, one can’t improve their grammar and vocabulary overnight. It is advisable to start from scratch and buy a good grammar book such as Wren and Martin’s grammar book and read it thoroughly as many times as you can to develop strong grammatical knowledge.

Watching educational videos on YouTube, reading an English newspaper daily, watching English movies, and reading short stories and novellas are interesting and stress-free ways to develop your vocabulary to ace the SBI clerk exam. These will not only improve your vocabulary but also improve your sentence formation skills and overall writing style.

Success doesn’t come overnight, and to score high in the exam, you need to practice every day. Because there are so many openings, the competition will be fierce. You must understand the SBI Clerk Exam Pattern to pass the exam. BYJU’S Exam Prep has a wide variety of material to help the students prepare for different exams, so never get stuck with your preparation with so much material around you. All the best!

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