A singer closing their eyes while breaking into a song is quite a common sight. Be it a live performance or a popstar trying to record their label, many singers often indulge in this habit of closing their eyes. You must be wondering why they do that. How does closing your eyes help you while singing?

Well, we are here to answer that question for you. It may not necessarily improve the quality of your music but here are a few ways in which closing your eyes may help:

  • Closing your eyes when singing cuts off the input from one of the five senses i.e. sight. It is common knowledge that when one of the five senses is turned off, the others work more to compensate for the one that is lost. So, for example, if you were to close your eyes, your sense of smell and hearing would become hyper aware so as to make up for the loss of sight. This sensory deprivation and a heightened sense of hearing can help you sing and evaluate your voice better.
  • It can also help you focus when you close your eyes. Sometimes while performing live, the distractions from the room can interfere with your ability to sing your best. Some singers claim it enables them to fully immerse and envelope themselves into the experience. Why do we close our eyes while trying to pray or meditate? Because that way, we possess the ability to transport ourselves to a zone from where we can operate best. It helps us navigate the land of our emotions better. To intertwine oneself into the song, to become one with the song and get lost in the music is the hallmark of a sensational singer. And to accomplish that, you need to transcend time and space and some people believe closing their eyes when singing helps with that.
  • Sometimes, singers who are grappling with stage fright prefer closing their eyes while performing. This lets them travel to a safe place where their stage fright doesn’t act up. They can imagine themselves singing anywhere they want to just by letting their eyelids fall like a curtain. This magical ability to transport yourself anywhere has helped a lot of singers/performers overcome stage fright. When you have undeniable talent and your voice flows like a sacred river, the last thing you want is to let something as trivial as stage fright mess up with it. So, if you are someone who is ailed by anxiety while performing in front of an expansive audience too, you should try closing your eyes the next time you are on stage.

We are not saying that closing your eyes will magically enhance your singing abilities. And it isn’t even something all singers employ. Maybe some singers only close their eyes during particular songs or specifically while hitting high notes. It’s a personal preference and if you feel keeping your eyes open and maintaining some eye contact with the crowd helps you connect better, by all means, do that.

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