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Republic TV has been on the news lately for a number of reasons. Not only has the channel been accused of manipulating the TRPs of its shows, but it is also looking into the advertising rates that are being paid by advertisers to the channel.


Republic TV is India’s first news brand to be run by an entrepreneur, Arnab Goswami. He is the only editor to start an organisation from scratch. In his career, he has been the face of many controversial issues. However, his news channel has a strong affinity to the state. Its coverage of the Indian-Pakistan conflict has been criticized.

According to a statement by the company, Goswami personally holds over 82 per cent stake in Republic TV. He purchased the shares from Asianet News Media and Entertainment. The statement further stated that the entire amount owed to Concorde had been paid.

The company also claims that Goswami had paid Partho Dasgupta Rs 40 lakhs to fix ratings. They also said that Arnab Goswami had aided the suicide of a 53-year-old interior designer.

On 8 September, two Republic TV staff were arrested in Raigad district. This came after Mumbai Police filed an FIR against the channel. After the arrests, an FIR was filed against several other news channels Techlogicagte.

Genres of shows

Republic TV is a news channel in English. It has a unique and unorthodox approach to news and current affairs. Since its launch on May 6, it has been dominating the audience for the genre. And it has managed to sustain its lead.

The channel has been able to deliver on its promise to deliver a number of high quality shows. Not only is it providing content across various interests, it is also able to generate revenue for its advertisers. This is primarily through its ability to sell ads between its shows. Depending on your budget, it is possible to place an advertisement on the network Marketbusinessfacts.

As of week 39, the largest number of gross viewers for Republic TV was 982. That’s a number that’s been steadily increasing over the months. During this same period, the average time spent per viewer was 4.45 minutes.

Moreover, the channel has earned the distinction of being the highest ranked in the genre for the all-India market share. For that, it has been credited to the efforts of its Managing Editor Arnab Goswami. He has been a key player behind the successes of the news channel.

Advertising rates

Republic TV is a conservative Indian English language news direct. It is one of the leading news channels in the country. A recent report by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) estimates that Republic TV had over 51.9 percent of the total television audience in May 2017.

Although there are a few English news channels in the country, the majority of English-speaking audiences opt for Republic TV as their primary source of current affairs. This is a great opportunity for brands looking to promote themselves.

Advertising on TV is one of the most effective branding techniques available. It increases brand awareness and trust, and also boosts sales. The most important benefit of television advertising is that it is a cost-effective and scalable medium.

While the ad rates for Republic TV may seem high, they are not. In fact, the channel has already secured pre-launch tie ups. Moreover, the channel is expected to grow significantly in the near future.

Investigation into alleged manipulation of TRPs

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch has filed a charge sheet against Republic TV in the TRP rigging case. The special court in Mumbai took the charge sheet on Wednesday. It also named some other TV channels, such as India Today, News Nation and Box Cinema, among others.

Republic TV claimed to be the first channel in the country to obtain higher TRPs for its news channels. A forensic audit showed that the TRP calculation method was tampered. Several individuals were implicated in the alleged conspiracy.

According to the police, Republic TV got better advertisement revenue from the advertisers, which in turn benefited the channel. The company has denied any wrongdoing. However, officials from the channel will be quizzed over the issue.

Former Maharashtra Home Minister Arnab Goswami and former BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta are among the persons reportedly accused in the case. In addition to Goswami, former Hansa Research Group executive Bompalli Mistry is among those alleged to be involved Businessworldfacts.

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