Globalization and its Impacts

Our society is evidently a dynamic entity experiencing changes since time immemorial. These changes have told us that nothing can stay still, not even the values, beliefs and patterns. Amidst all these changes, there were two major changes that impacted the society a lot. 

These changes were urbanization and globalization. Here in this article, we will be discussing about globalization and the impact it had left on the world. Since globalization is a topic adhering to changes in society thus it is a vast field of study in sociology. Therefore, students pursuing sociology may sometimes require assignment help with the same since in any way this is a vast concept that needs a lot of research to get proper understanding of the societal developments. 

The term itself is sufficient enough to get an understanding of its meaning. Globalization can be said to be the process of integration and interaction among people, companies and governments of different nations. This may be facilitated by the international trade and investment aided by the information technology. 

This process may have an impact on the environment, culture and even the politics of the country. It may impact the human physical well-being in societies around the world. Anthony Giddens, in his research paper writing, defined globalization as the intensification of the social relations worldwide through which different places around the world are interlinked in a way such that any happening in one region impacts the happenings in the other regions as well, wherein such a region might me miles away from the place of happening. 

For example, you might have seen nowadays, how anything happening in one country affects almost the entire world at large. The reason for this is extensive globalization. 

There are various features of globalization that students must understand for an effective assignment help. These features are:

  • The most prevalent feature is the internationalization of the economic activities.
  • There is a prevalence of more market-oriented approach.
  •  The trade throughout the world grows more rapidly than the world output. 
  • There is a fast rate of international capital flow. 
  • All the nations’ economies open up to each other. 
  • Thus, this results in a close integration of all these economies.
  • Information, communication, technology, space- all of them have reduced the distances of miles to merely nothing. Thus, these factors act as interconnecting components.
  • Again, since the world has opened up, you will see large scale migration among people of different countries. These migrations can be for work, for studies or for settling into a different nation. 
  • There is a globalization of the national policy making mechanisms of each nation’s government.
  • The most important feature of globalization is a global impact on the national environment. 

If you think that there was no globalization in the earlier times, then you are wrong. There was globalization in the previous era as well. This globalization was in the form of imperial conquests and white colony settlements. The new globalization is different from this old one. 

The new one renounces the use of force for exploitation of colonies, rather they use indirect pressure. For example, one nation may use certain policy over the other to establish an indirect control over it. 

Also, the new globalization may happen by setting up of production centers or multinational companies in developing countries. A clearly evident example of such a globalization may be the foreign direct investment. 

Globalization has a wide range of impacts on the people as well as on multiple aspects of a country:

  • There is a vast increase in consumerism.
  • Mass media, too, is driven by profit and competition.
  • Since there is a worldwide interaction, there come same sources of entertainment for all the countries. 
  • The national boundaries dissolve due to the process of globalization.
  • But in the same process culture is appropriated and commodified thus resulting into development of a hybrid culture.
  • Opening up of economies, undoubtedly helps the businesses to expand and grow. But the local industries are threatened in this way.
  • There is an impoverishment of people in the lower strata of the society.
  • There are various changes in the labor market.
  • There is no employment growth in the country.
  • The state spends very less on the social sector which keeps on stagnating. 
  • There are several practices of unsustainable development.
  • There is the process of mixing, borrowing and adapting of new cultural attributes.
  • Communication becomes cheaper, easier and faster.
  • But along with this, you will see that since the people of one nation travel to another therefore, there is a disease export to other countries. 
  • There is a complete marginalization of the local traditions. 
  • There are increased incidents of casualization and informalization of workforce.
  • There is a loss of employment in several local sectors with the dominance of the international ones. 
  • There is a preference of women in the soft industries like apparels. 
  • Women become sources of cheap labour and occupy large positions in a number of informal sectors.
  • There comes a reduction on the social protection and large instances of social dumping can be seen. 
  • The government expenditure on crucial sectors like health and education lessens. 
  • Other than the negative impacts, globalization facilitates exchange of knowledge thus helping the people of the nations. 
  • It also affected the green revolution in India wherein the native seeds are replaced by the imported hybrid seeds. 
  • It can also facilitate urbanization.
  • There also comes a large gap between the rich and the poor. 
  • In fact, gap between countries keeps on increasing as well. 
  • There can be invasion of the indigenous resources by the foreigners.

Several research paper writings have provided evidence for the same. Thus, these were a few impacts of globalization that have a worldwide impact. But this large-scale impact doesn’t prevent effects on the particular nations and even regions inside it. Nonetheless there have ben large scale developments ever since globalization which have resulted into the development of the world.

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