Gifts for a Special Mother

Special thoughts should go into gifts for our amazing mothers – the woman who nurtured us from before we were born. We were joined to our mothers through an umbilical cord, which carried nutrients and love to us as foetus. I say “love”, because her blood sustained our life-force in the womb, and our mothers shared it freely and constantly until the day of our birth.

Our mothers had to watch what they eat, namely nutritional food to supply enough nutrients via her blood to make the foetus’ bones and cells grow healthy and strong. Amino acids and micronutrients that develop the brain were vital, and our mothers made sure that they ate all this to support a healthy baby’s growth in the womb.

Let’s look at this Acronym of M-O-T-H-E-R by Howard Johnson:

M” is for the million things she gave me

O” is that she is growing older

T” is for the tears she shed to save me

H” is for her heart made from the purest gold

E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining

R” means right, and she will always be.

Put them all together and they spell – “MOTHER”,

One word that means the world to me”

Special Days to Show our Love to our Mothers

A mother is the most precious person in our lives and should be given gifts any day of the year, but especially on special days such as Mother’s Day, Her Birthday, Christmas Day, her Wedding Anniversary and even on Valentine’s Day. Valentines’ day is a day of love celebrated all over the world and who can be loved more than our mothers?

How many times have you told your mother you love her?

How many times have you just given your mother a kiss and a hug?

Do you still remember the couple bracelets your mother gave you when married?

Hugs and kisses are special because the touching of another person shows closeness, caring, and love.

Let us look at other ways to show your mother you love her on any day and on special days.


A ring is an adornment usually made out of metal and possibly a birth stone. Rings especially have been seen as a symbol of love over centuries. The Egyptians over 5000 years ago gave woven reeds and leather as a symbol of love. Rings are personal talismans that convey heartfelt emotions of love and protection.

What does a mother’s ring symbolize?

A mother’s ring is a gift given to mothers and grandmothers and often represents one’s family connection. The ring may include birthstones of the children or the birthstone of the mother or grandmother. This ring can be in any shape, with any stone as long as it carries the intentions of the giver of the ring. So, give your mother a ring to tangibly impart your love for her, and to remind her you love her and will always be there to protect her.

Where should a mother wear her ring?

Ideally, a mother’s ring should be worn alone on a finger and shouldn’t be next to any other rings. It is commonly worn on the finger next to her wedding ring finger. But overall, it is a gift from her children, given with love, that can be worn on any finger she may choose – the love infused into the ring remains the same.

Bracelets for your mother

Giving your mother a bracelet as a gift is a special symbol of what you wish for your mother.

A red string bracelet means that you will always be tied together by the red string of fate, so no matter where you are in the world, when you and your mother look at your bracelets you know you are cosmically bound to each other.

Other beautiful bracelets, such as the Chakra bracelet shows that you care so deeply about your mother that you want to ensure she receives the right energy from the universe to live in harmony and balance.

Final Thoughts

When a child gives their mother a gift it enforces the strong bond between them, just as they were bonded with the umbilical cord for nine months. So, the symbol represented by a permanent piece of jewelry shows that you are bonded together for life.

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