Game changing classroom management hacks for educators

If your classroom management is inch-perfect, your teaching journey will be a breeze, but if it’s not so? In that case, prepare for a bumpy ride as an educator. It is much easier and productive however, to prepare yourself for managing any situation in your class by employing various tips and tricks of classroom management. Teaching and management go hand in hand. As teachers we have a lot on our plate, both inside and outside the classroom. The only surefire way to execute the role of a teacher to perfection is by learning how to manage time, student behavior & learning, and classroom activities effectively while striking a balance between your various duties.

Today, schools sure pay more attention towards effective management. This is apparent from the increasing use of smart classes, LMS and ERP meaning that effective management is highly sought after by education institutions in the modern era. Therefore, it is vital for the educators to be at the top of their game while managing the classroom. Below are some of the game-changing classroom management hacks for educators that will make trying to enhance classroom management skills worth your while. Read on and be sure to try out these methods to find out which ones work best for you….

Assessment tags-

Learning is far from a binary task. It’s not that either a student understands a concept or they don’t. There are also other intermediary stages apart from the extremes. While teaching, it is not possible to pick the brain of every student about where exactly they are facing trouble. A quicker and effective way is to place a set of assessment tags on each desk and whenever you want to assess their learning just ask them to flip to the tag which fits and display it. You can customize the assessment tags to display messages such as “I’m stuck”, “I may require assistance soon”, “Understood”, or “Finished”. Alternatively, you can ask the students to assess their understanding on a scale from 1 to 5.

Student tracker-

This is another great way of managing the classroom. A student locator lets you know where your students are which is particularly helpful in case of an emergency. Whenever students leave the classroom, teachers sometimes are unaware about their whereabouts. They can deal with the situation by assigning numbered magnets to each student which are placed on a board that has space assigned for every area on the campus. Each time a student leaves the classroom, they move their magnet to the appropriately marked location on the board and once they return to the class, they must place the magnet to the original space provided on the board for the classroom.

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Visual aids-

It can be time consuming for teachers to repeatedly answer questions such as ‘Can we use a sketch pen?’ or ‘Is it a group activity?’ and likewise. A lot easier is to employ the assistance of visual aids in answering the frequently asked questions of the students. While giving students a classroom activity, also place cards depicting the instructions and holding checks and X’s by the cards to let the students know quietly, what all they things they will be needing for the said activity.

Classroom BINGO!

Nothing motivates kids quite like games do. Teachers can use this to their advantage in modelling students’ behavior as desired. It works like a classic reward system wherein positive actions are reinforced by giving suitable rewards. You can reward good behavior in the classroom by playing class BINGO. Start off by attaching a 25 or a 100 square board at the back of the classroom. Reward well-behaved students by inviting them to choose a numbered magnet and place it over the corresponding number on the square board. When the class gets a BINGO! The students get rewarded. It also helps in developing teamwork and a sense of unity and cooperation between students in the classroom.

Effective classroom management is an integral part of our job as an educator. It not only improves the students’ learning outcomes but it also helps them in developing a well-rounded personality and makes learning fun too, if done appropriately. Certainly, if you follow the methods mentioned in this article, you can reap all those benefits of effective classroom management and then some,  with minimal effort.

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