Furniture business promotion with product modeling

The use of 3D visualizations is recommended if you find it difficult to visualize your ideas. This option also offers many possibilities if you have to give a presentation or want to convince your partner or employer with visual images.

Virtual reality

One image is worth a thousand words, but what does 360° image say?! Virtual reality offers an ultimate experience and a new way of presenting. The perception and understanding is much greater than the use of traditional media. This way you can walk through your new design, a real 3D tour!

Moving to a room or student room does not only mean more freedom, but also a loss of space and quality. In order to enjoy this limited space to the maximum, it is therefore important to tackle the furnishing of your room as efficiently as possible. With these tips you can practically organize every student room and give it a spacious feeling.

3d product modeling

Classic photographs alone are hardly enough today to draw customers’ attention to one’s own products and services. It is important to create eye-catchers that stand out from the competition. In addition to moving images, high-quality 3d product modeling play a key role in this context. Professionally realized, you make your offer an eye-catcher – whether on your website, in advertisements or presentations.

Architectural visualization

In architecture, the term architectural visualization (also “architectural representation”) describes the pictorial representation of a planned or existing building or a structural situation. This can refer to a complete building, an exterior view or the detailed representation of the interior. This form of visualization is used for clear graphic representation, 3d furniture visualization and usually includes materials, surfaces and the light situation of the scene shown. They are usually used for advertising materials, in real estate exposé or on large building boards.

What are the advantages of architecture visualization?

  • Photo-realistic representation before completion of the planned construction projects
  • Particularly appealing presentation and high emotional expressiveness for customers
  • Facilitation of planning, project management and communication for all project participants

Who is architectural visualization aimed at?

  • Architects, architectural offices and interior designers
  • Construction companies
  • Property developer
  • Specialist planner
  • Investors
  • End customers

How is an architectural visualization created?

With high-performance 3D computer programs, the visualization is planned and created with a high level of detail, strictly according to customer specifications. You can find out more about the process and project flow.

CAD (computer aided design)

CAD or “Computer Aided Design” refers to the computer-aided design of an object, building or product and is used, for example, in the construction of cars, aircraft, architecture and fashion, whereby almost all products are planned with CAD these days.

The advantages are based on the fact that the objects to be constructed can be simulated virtually and thus cost-effectively. The visual impression is created without the object or product actually having to be manufactured. The development of powerful graphic EDP systems from hardware and software nowadays enables many possibilities of three-dimensional modeling, which is very computationally intensive.

The term CAD is closely related to the term CAM (“Computer Aided Manufacturing) and partly overlaps in meaning. In contrast to CAD, CAM is mainly used in computer-aided manufacturing machines such as CNC milling.

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