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Whether you’re an investor, customer or developer, you’ll find the Introhive SaaS CRM Series PSG 140m Wiggersventurebeat to be a great resource for information on the latest and greatest in enterprise relationship intelligence (ERI). This series explores AI-powered SaaS platforms and explains why they’re a great choice for your business.

AI-powered SaaS platform

Whether you are a SME or an entrepreneur, an AI-powered SaaS platform can give you the data you need to make better decisions. It can also help you improve the customer experience and personalize your offerings laws4life.

AI-powered SaaS platforms can also make it easier for your support team to provide customer service. This can help you to better identify customer intentions and improve the efficiency of your team.

Xero, the premier accounting software provider, offers a wide range of AI features. These include identifying abbreviations, typos, and nicknames. These features save you time and help you improve your Xero experience.

Xero also aims to build a global data strategy. It is incorporating AI into its products and services, including email, calendar, and invoices. Xero is also using AI to help businesses plan for the future.

Oracle is using AI to provide personalized recommendations to users. These recommendations are based on historical data and user preference. The company also uses AI to rank new business leads and to provide suggestions to service agents lawyerdesk.

B2B enterprise relationship intelligence platform

Using artificial intelligence, Introhive’s AI-powered SaaS platform improves the accuracy of data in CRM. It also helps organizations realize relationships and boost revenue. It integrates with other business systems and processes. It helps companies identify customer data, automates mundane CRM administration, and streamlines meeting preparation.

Introhive’s suite of options includes CRM software, business intelligence technologies, and marketing automation. It also syncs and enriches information from email. The company recently secured a $100 million Series C funding round led by PSG, along with other investors including Evergreen Capital, Business Development Bank of Canada, Mavan Capital Partners, and the Bank of America Securities.

Introhive’s product has been recognized by several awards programs, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 50(tm) and MarTech Breakthrough Awards. The company’s platform has captured more than 60 million contacts, and is considered to be one of the most broadly deployed CRM platforms in the world.

The company’s AI-powered SaaS platform maps contact information between email systems and CRM, which improves data accuracy and team productivity. It is also capable of providing actionable insights to teams.

Customer list

Using artificial intelligence, Introhive’s platform boasts a number of cool features such as email and text data enrichment, whitespace analysis, and the big daddy of them all, a CRM software program. The platform has been used by over 100 organizations from a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, and professional services. In a nutshell, it’s a software as a service (SaaS) solution that helps customers boost revenue and boost the customer experience lawyersmagazine.

In the same year, Introhive took home the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ™ and Fast 500 ™ awards. It has also been named a Great Place to Work (r) in Canada. As of December 2017, Introhive has approximately 300 employees spread across 10 global workplace locations. With a booming customer base, Introhive is looking to grow even further in the near future.

Introhive’s list of customers includes recognizable brands such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Colliers International, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich. Its platform has also been used by companies from a variety of industries, from professional services to recruitment to financial services.


Historically, enterprise SaaS companies have received the bulk of funding from investors in Austin, Texas. However, the past few years have seen the region attract investment from a wider range of players. Investors are now looking at companies in the consumer, healthcare, pharma, and med-device industries. These companies have the ability to scale their products and solve key challenges, attracting hundreds of thousands of users.

Another interesting trend is the rise of Industrial IoT companies, which provide data science platforms for industrial companies, such as oil and gas. These companies are expected to drive default growth of more than double in two years. The growth of these companies is particularly strong in Houston, traditionally a center for the oil and gas industry.


Next Coast Ventures, a venture firm in Austin, is seeing a higher than usual proportion of seed-stage deals. They believe this trend will continue throughout the year. In the second quarter, they invested in five companies in Austin and one outside of the city.

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