Four Things to Discuss with a Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia Before You Hire Them

If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident in Philadelphia, a car accident lawyer can help you recover compensation that covers all the damages you sustained. But before you hire a lawyer to handle your accident claim, you must know what to look for. To ensure you hire the right car accident lawyer Philadelphia for your case, ensure you discuss the following with them:

Whether Your Case Has Merit

Before you hire a lawyer, ensure you know if you have a valid accident claim. The lawyer should be honest about the validity and strength of your case. Also, you can ask them about the kind of documentation you must produce to help them build a strong claim. 

The Value of Your Claim

While a lawyer cannot provide you with a specific dollar value of your accident claim, they should tell you about the damages your claim can include and their possible worth. Often, you can include all costs concerning your medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. Also, you can pursue damages such as future lost wages, pain and suffering, and lost earning potential. Not all of these damages may be included in your claim, but you must know the possible damages you can recover.

How to Deal with an Insurer

Following a car crash, you may interact with a representative from the negligent driver’s insurer. Your attorney can handle communications with the representative and the at-fault driver themselves. Because dealing with an insurer is complex, you must hire a lawyer who has the necessary knowledge and experience. Your lawyer should protect you from the tactics the insurer will use, like asking you to sign a medical release document and requesting a recorded statement from you. Also, they can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, gather evidence to prove your claim, and take your case to court if the insurer refuses to pay the compensation you demand.

The Possibility of Your Case Ending Up in Court

Settling your claim with the insurer will usually benefit both parties. It allows you to get the money you need sooner than a trial and saves the insurer money on legal fees. The insurance company knows how much it will cost them when your claim ends up in trials. So, it will try to reach an equitable settlement with you before you file a lawsuit. While your attorney cannot see the future, you must ask them whether you have a strong case that can be settled out of court. 

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