FIve Tips To Crack SBI PO Interviews

The Official notification for the State Bank of India (SBI) Probationary Officers(PO) vacancy has been announced. This year there is a rise in vacancies due to the expansion of many branches throughout the country, according to official notification 2056 vacancies are to be filled.  PO exams are highly popular amongst the youngsters who wish to start their journey in the finance sector, that’s why almost 10 lakh students participate every year in the exam. Career growth is also another factor that makes PO jobs most sought out among them. It’s a piece of cake for many to crack exams, but they fail miserably when it comes to Interviews as they have to showcase their communication skill, leadership quality and quick decision-making skills. To tackle this here we are going to list a few important tips to sail through SBI PO Interview with ease.

Practice Effective Communication

Communicating properly is the number one skill you need to possess while preparing to face any interview board. If you are not able to easily communicate with the interview board  how do they trust you in communicating with their customers? If you are not sure about your communication skills then don’t worry there are many ways to improve it. Practice talking in front of a mirror, it will give more confidence and you can also check and improve  your facial expressions which is vital in interviews. You can also start practicing with Entri mock interviews for SBI PO exams, they will give you feedback and detailed guidance on how to improve your weakness. .

Confidence Is Everything

All successful people in life have one thing in common that is confidence, confidence in oneself, once ability to strive in any condition. An Individual who possesses high confidence is easily recognised by their peers, there is something about them that makes other people also get confident. Being confident when facing an interview board, walk, talk and carry yourself with confidence. Always trust yourself and believe in yourself. Interview board will try to break your confidence to know whether you will strive in tough situations, so never lose your composure.

What is your Profile

It’s obvious the interview board want to know whether you know clearly what your job and responsibilities are so they will ask questions which will be related to your duties in office, without knowing proper details of it, you surely are going to raise some eyebrows, to create a good impression always try to have a crystal clear picture of responsibilities and duties of a probationary officer.

Last Six Months Current Affairs

Current affairs is an important field from which a large number of questions can be expected in any government exam interview.  That seems like a big task but it’s easy considering you only need to be aware of current affairs regarding banking and finance from the last six months. Just read whatever article that is related to the banking concepts. Read news related to the finance sector,economy,banking policies and upcoming projects.

Be Calm

Organise everything required to appear before the interview board a day before, that includes everything from packing important documents to ironing your formals. Day before Interview wear the formal dress and check how it looks on you. Recheck all the education certificates and documents for the interview before carrying it in a file. Organising everything a day before will help you be calm on the day of interview. If needed Carry water bottle and little snacks to help you get dehydrated and full of energy on the way.

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