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At Ageras, we take away the headache of browsing through the internet to find qualified tax advisors near you.With the help of Ageras, you can  just sit back and relax, leaving all your worries with us. We are the go to platform  that can easily find you some of the leading corporate tax advisors, tax preparers, personal tax accountants, external auditors, chartered accountants, bookkeepers or Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) near you. At Ageras we have partners all over the US, our team of experts can find you qualified tax advisors within 48 hours. Simply, Fill out our online forum with your specific job role requirements. The next step is to just relax, we handle the rest. Sounds interesting right! We made finding qualified tax advisors much easier and convenient for you. Now, it’s easy to get to some of the most qualified, registered and certified accountants and tax advisors for your business and individual needs in just 3 quick steps.

What is a Tax Advisor and What are their duties?

A tax advisor is a highly qualified accounting professional, with vast expertise in tax laws, corporate taxation and tax accounting services. They are hired mostly by micro and medium sized business entities that do not want to waste their time and effort on non-core activities. Through Ageras we save your time by taking away the stress of any tax related issues so that you can concentrate on your business. For large scale enterprises, they already have an in-house accounts and finance department that handles all such taxation related activities.

A tax advisor usually assists clients in minimizing their corporate tax obligations, by strictly complying with the state and federal laws. In case of tricky financial situations, their expert advice is always required to come out of any tax-related complications. Tax advisors can also assist in preparing yearly taxes and help in tax maintenance services while a client is buying land, property or a business. Overall, the key role played by a Tax advisor is to provide in-depth consultancy services to an individual or a firmin order for them to effectively manage its tax related issues. Consulting with a tax advisor would be beneficial for your business. They make sure that you are fully complying with the existing tax laws and federal tax regulations.

Our partners at Ageras are able to help you with any kind of tax advising, tax consulting, yearly tax preparation, filing or income tax returns or personal tax accounting services. Our tax professionals come into the scene with all his/her expertise to handle all complex situations and are able to thoroughly explain any tax related questions you may have. Tax professionals also specialize in preparing taxes for businesses by looking into their books and preparing a flawless financial report.

If you are looking to organize your financial documents, transaction records, statements, papers and bills; there cannot be a better professional than a tax advisor. They can perform the roles of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a financial planner, or a tax lawyer. Whatever time of the year, one such certified accounting professional can help you prepare your annual tax returns. Any tax related matters related to property inheritance, property buy & sell, traveling abroad, expenses (expenditure), income, financial transactions, etc. are also handled efficiently by our tax advisors.

How Ageras Helps in Finding a Tax Advisor Near You

It is a simple and hassle free process.. As a client, you only need to visit our official company website, fill out an online application forum with all your specific requirements. Once you submit your information, our professionals will have a thorough look at your job requirements then match you with 3 qualified tax advisors based on your specific needs within 48 hours. We will give you 3 free non-binding quotes based on your request.Once we send you your 3 quotes, all you have to do is simply pick a tax advisor that we have found just for you. You can choose the one that best suits your job role and requirements, or simply decline, if it’s not what you were looking for. 99 out of 100 times, the quotes provided by our professionals are going to match perfectly with your requirements, as they sort out only the professional and experienced tax advisors near you that are fully certified. In fact, our services are so prompt and accurate that a majority of small enterprises and firms look for their business finding solutions through our platform. So, if you are looking for a qualified and expert tax advisor near me, simply get on to Ageras.

Tax advisors’ areas of expertise

The first priority of any tax advisor is to organize your tax forms. This is quite helpful before every tax season. When you have all the necessary documents organized and examined by a tax advisor before preparing to file taxes will help the process a lot easier and seamless. A tax advisor can help save you a lot of money, by looking through your documents, and finding ways to reduce your tax obligations. This is why a tax professional is required to review all your forms. Secondly, any legal advice related to tax issues and questions you have can be answered by a tax advisor who has expertise knowledge. Every business needs legal advice from a tax expert to ensure they are in compliance with tax regulation. Having a qualified professional by your side can be of immense help. Last but not least, a tax advisor can help in efficiently managing all tax related issues pertaining to marriage expenses, divorce settlements, employee remuneration, rewards, gifts & monetary benefits, payroll tax deductions, buying a home, pension, retirement, new job, etc. This is how they can take away your tax burden.


To sum up, a tax advisor is required to efficiently manage all your complex corporate and personal taxation related issues, in a highly professional manner. They not only provide tax consultancy services, but also help you understand the nitty-gritty’s of the federal tax laws, rules and guidelines, so that you can effectively and accordingly prepare for any situation. Tax advisors also help in preparing and filing your tax returns, Assist you in the event of an IRS tax audit, and help prepare you to answer questions of an external tax auditor. Check out our website to find the next best tax accountant near you.

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