Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet for Men

I would like to share to you about the bracelet that I got I ordered this on March 10 and it took me two weeks of waiting to attend. We called Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet and this bracelet believed to attract a never-ending flow of wealth and abundance.

The bracelet comes in a cute box, the name of the store is Umisoul and when we open it this cloth is where the bracelet is so there isn’t logo and this is a soft cloth it’s a filtered one and of course there is a letter inside a box it’s a thank-you letter.They also recommend other bracelets,such as evil eye bracelet,check here

This dragon figure is what they call pixiu,it is a dominant attract of wealth this creature will not permit wealth to leave the home or workplace. while the black obsidian gives protection and shield against negativity including diseases and block psychic attack and draws out mental stress and tension so this black obsidian is a powerful and creative stone dice and as you observe there are written characters on the beads and that’s what they call it on money Putney home. It is a mantra in different Asian writing systems we should put it in our dominant hand that we used to write and the head of the picture should be facing towards or pointing to the left little finger as it

symbolizes going out to gather wealth and bring it back to us.

Do not wear it facing towards yourself now when we are sleeping or taking a bath we have to

leave it in the living room with the face of the pixel facing and the main door and avoid someone touching it but if it happens just clean it with water and leave it under the Sun for about 10 to 15 minutes. We can touch the bracelet while wearing it to connect what you say with your intentions, and let it know that you are its owner or the master so you have to just touch it gently.

I guess this is a regular size of the bracelet and one thing is for sure is that according to the customer support is that we can take out some of the and it will still give us the same effect which is pretty perfect right and also I wanted to tell you this that one day I was browsing Facebook and I saw a post about this bracelet and I was growing down the comment section.

I read a comment of a guy he shared his experience about the bracelet he got the same one he said and he noticed that there was three numbers engraved on edge which are in 6×6 and it’s it’s not a really good number so he throw it away but he didn’t mention which website he got it from so I think that is a fake one so I have to remind you that be careful and ordering such item in a way this is a gold plated bracelet and eventually this will fade but I don’t know how long will it last but the idea of this bracelet is really amazing.

It will give us good luck it will takes away negativities and it improves our life so I don’t think there’s nothing wrong aside from proceed from purchasing this product because we can use that in our everyday lives. we wear it every day and you know just to make it clear guys I am NOT

sponsored of the company I am NOT a partner of that company,I am only willingly share this good bracelet with you.

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