Experiencing Downtown Burlington

Burlington is the largest city in Vermont, yet many people don’t know that much about the city. Despite being the largest city in the state, Burlington is smaller in comparison to cities in other states.

However, if you just closed on one of the Burlington houses for sale or find yourself visiting the area, you don’t have to worry about being bored. Despite its smaller size, there is plenty to do in Burlington, especially in the downtown area.

So if you find yourself in this Vermont city, what are some top activities to experience? Let’s take a look. 

Lake Champlain

One of the best parts about Burlington is the city’s close proximity to Lake Champlain. There are plenty of lakefront activities to enjoy, even from the downtown area of Burlington. For example, there is a fishing pier for avid fishers to enjoy, allowing you to relax and spend an afternoon with a calming activity.

Additionally, there are several boat launches allowing you to get on the water and joy Lake Champlain in its entirety. If you’re looking for more Lake Champlain activities try swimming, paddling, or canoeing. Lake Champlain is a beautiful sight and easily accessible from 

South End Arts District

If you’re looking to experience downtown Burlington, then you may want to simply take a stroll down the South End Arts District. South End is very interesting being home to everything from art galleries to high-quality restaurants. One can make an entire afternoon or evening out of just visiting South End’s shops and restaurants.

Most towns and cities have a similar shopping district, but Burlington’s South End provides a comfy atmosphere that many shopping districts simply don’t have. Whether you’re looking to take a morning stroll and get some coffee or want a night out at the bar, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in the South End.

Burlington Bike Path

Located alongside Lake Champlain, the Burlington Greenway Bike Path covers eight miles of paved road. The attraction is one of Burlington’s most popular downtown activities, as outdoorsy residents frequent the location often. Not only does the path have room for cyclists, but it also contains areas for runners and walkers to enjoy.

The pathway connects many different parks, meaning you can make an entire day out of traveling through the different points of the trail. If you’re looking to spend an active day in downtown Burlington, then this could be your best option.

Burlington Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday from late spring to late autumn, the Burlington Farmer’s Market is held in downtown Burlington. Established in 1980, the Burlington Farmer’s Market provides a marketplace for farmers and other food producers. One can spend a Saturday afternoon simply strolling through downtown Burlington and browsing wares.

Not only is it interesting to see what everyone is selling, but you can come away with some amazing products at a great price. Vermont is known for fresh produce and other food items such as cheese, so you know you’re going to get some quality products at the farmers market

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