Evolution of IELTS: From Classroom Coaching to Online Coaching

Some things happen out of curiosity while others happen out of necessity. Online Coaching on different platforms surely was picking up trends for few years, but the current situation escalated its need to another extent! One of them being IELTS Online Coaching. Now, no one needs to travel to learn from the expert tutors. It is time we nurture this new learning alternative so that everyone gets access to it. You see, IELTS Online Coaching is becoming the new requirement. Though, this sudden shift in the education industry has certainly made organizations and students nervous, but, with time, growth is bound to happen.

What is IELTS Online Coaching?

IELTS Online Coaching has lately become a crucial learning method as it has become impossible to leave our houses during such times. Also, apart from that, our lives are now so busy and so fast, that finding time to physically attending classroom coaching is a difficult task. IELTS Online Coaching helps students fulfill their overseas dreams by staying at home and studying for the test.

Few Facts and Statistics

  • 98% Educational Institutes moved to Online Coaching since April 2020
  • According to students who have taken both, Classroom and Online Coaching, 85% of students say that the eLearning experience was better or equally at par with classroom training.
  • eLearning pools in more education, with participants learning nearly 5 times more.
  • Since 2000, the eLearning industry has seen a rise of 900%
  • By 2026, the Online Coaching market is expected to touch $370 Billion
  • One of the biggest motivators for Online Coaching is that it reduces travel time (84%) and students can learn at their own pace (95%)

The result of our survey confirms that “individual’s learning pace is what motivates learners the most (95%). In the second place was ‘no travel’ (84%)” (as per a KPMG Survey).

“You will see higher growth of the online tutoring market over the next 12 months.” Said Preply Bigai

Advantages of IELTS Online Coaching

1. Availability and Convenience

IELTS Online coaching is the modern approach to learning IELTS. It has several advantages over traditional IELTS classroom coaching. The first and foremost being convenience. IELTS classes are held during specific timings set by the institute, with no chance to change the schedule according to the student’s convenience. This means that if you miss a class due to work/other commitments, you will have to wait for another week before joining your IELTS class again. Whereas, if you missed a session, you can learn through its recorded class anytime you want.

2. No Need to Wait to Register Yourself

Not anymore! Nowadays most IELTS Online Coaching organizations offer flexible schedule options which let students choose their own schedule according to their availability. Students can register for IELTS Online Classes anytime they like, be it 2 AM in the morning. As the entire registration process is virtual, students need not wait till morning to register. The IELTS Online Coaching institute offers IELTS classes with the same comfort as the traditional classroom training.

3. Flexibility to Learn

The flexibility IELTS Online Coaching provides is the next benefit of Online Coaching. IELTS exam requires a good amount of practice and preparation to crack it. With IELTS Online Classes, students can learn and complete IELTS training courses at their own pace. This extra time allows them to concentrate on different topics and enhances their understanding of the IELTS concepts.

4. Personalized and Focus

IELTS online coaching helps you become familiar with the examination pattern and IELTS test structure. The myth is that IELTS Online Coaching is not Personalised or doesn’t focus on each student’s busts. It does focus on each students learning and progress.

5. Track Your Progress

The IELTS online coaching is designed so that you can track your IELTS preparation progress daily. There are a few platforms that have set up a dashboard to keep track of your IELTS tests. This way, you know how you have performed in each test and can compare your scores. You can track your progress question-wise; it helps you monitor it better.

Types of IELTS Test and Why You Need to Evolve

According to the latest update, soon students can give the IELTS test from anywhere and anytime! It is known as IELTS Online and is specifically for students who want to pursue higher education.

When the IELTS test first started, it was only a Paper-based test. Slowly with the changing technology, they released IELTS on computers. Again with the changing situation and to be accessible to all, they are going to introduce IELTS Online.

This is exactly why you need to evolve as well! Online Coaching is the most effective source of training that gives a real-life test experience. With this training, you can prepare yourself for the computer tests. Classroom training is good; it cannot be demeaned; but, the way IELTS tests are evolving, it is better to get coaching in the same manner.

For example: If you want to fly a plane, would you rather learn in the classroom or go out there and get a practical experience by flying a demo plane?

Similarly, if you have to take the computer tests, due to its convenience, would you prefer taking a classroom training or opt for online coaching, and get practical experience of the test.

It is that simple! And that is why the transformation to IELTS Online Coaching is increasing rapidly.


Online coaching has increased exponentially in the past few years. As we saw, the recent studies showed that more people are opting for this type of tutoring than classroom training.

If you need help with any aspect of your IELTS exam preparation – from getting started to mastering all four modules, simply let us know! You need to get trained by expert trainers who have studied these exams extensively and can provide consultations or lessons on demand. We offer one-on-one attention in our group classes so that no student feels left out. Remember, learning can happen from anywhere and at any time. All you need to do is, take a step.

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