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Everything You Need to Know About Marble in Your Home

Marble has been used for centuries in buildings and is an expensive and often sought-after stone. The many varieties allow for the right choice of style to be found for each home, and it offers a beautiful countertop or flooring. However, it has weaknesses that make it unsuitable for some people, and the cost often limits it to expensive homes and high-end finishes.

Marble Is Durable

Marble is a strong stone that occurs naturally and can be shaped into any necessary size and shape. It does not easily break and can withstand decades with no sign of damages when it is well cared for and has been treated appropriately. It will not scratch or dent easily and will not chip under regular use. However, when not sealed and adequately treated, it can stain and be scratched. The strength makes it suitable for both commercial use and private residences.

Beautiful Finishes

While traditionally, marble was polished to a shine, it is available in many different finishes, making it suitable for more uses and for any style. A polished shine can be had where suitable, while a matte finish is offered for a more subdued appearance. The natural appearance of the rock is a popular choice for many who are looking for a modern or contemporary theme to their home or business.

Caring For Your Marble

It is necessary to seal the marble and to repeat the sealing process regularly to ensure that it remains protected and keeps its finish. It must be cleaned with gentle cleansers that are not high in acidity to preserve the finish on the marble. Soft materials can be used to dry dust the marble without causing scratches, and a soft cloth or brush can be used with a balanced cleaner to remove build-up or spills.


Marble is most often used for flooring, walls, and countertops in bathrooms and kitchens; and there is nothing more brilliant than dark marble bathroom countertops and backsplashes. As water will not damage the surface, it is suitable around sinks and countertops; however, it can become slippery, so care must be taken around marble floors.

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Other uses for marble include tabletops, bar tops, and small décor items or carvings. These are affordable ways to add a touch of marble to a space without renovations or to add a little extra to the home.

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The Cost Of Marble

Just as there are various finishes, there is a significant price range for marble. Cost is based on the quality and source of the stone, the processing it undergoes, and the selected finish. Larger slabs of marble are both more complex and more expensive to ship than smaller portions. Although installation is similar, the larger pieces will be more expensive to install, so small tiles for a wall may be a more cost-effective approach than one large piece for a countertop or similar.

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Small items and additions such as tabletops or decorations are similar to other stones used for the same purpose.

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