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Everywhere you look online you’ll see Entre Institute reviews being posted, and everyone loves them! Why, though? Well, their training is top of the line, for starters. Let’s take a quick step back, though, and learn more about marketing and specific procedures.

Now, if we look at Entre Institute reviews we see that the different procedures, roles, jargon, function in an organization like market research, marketing plans, marketing techniques, and many others of the marketing department in an organization like market research. Marketing departments similar to Entre Institute are usually part of a larger division of personnel that includes Finance, Operations, Project, Engineering, Human Resource, Internal Business Processes, Marketing, Publicity, Sales, etc. For example Marketing is a branch of finance. It deals with the promotion of products or services. Marketing also involves the analysis and evaluation of potential customers

As everyone has mentioned in previous reviews of their training we see that marketing and gathering reviews should be able to define the differences between Marketing and Licensing and the roles that are held by them in esignature. Marketing should know the difference between Licensing and Marketing. When one is asked questions like “What is Licensing” or “What is Marketing?”

The Mercado system in Argentina is a very interesting example of Marketing, which Entre Institute even mentions on YouTube and LinkedIn. The local producers, when selling their products to the general public, believe that they should not be regulated by the Mercadonna system. That is what the “mercadonna” is all about. The producers go through a series of Mercadonna procedures that they believe will make their product unmarketable. The producers of Mercadonna chocolates go through the “mercadonna procedure” by which they ensure that they are not regulated by the Mercadonna system.

The Regulation of Marketing within the Latin American context can be found in Article 5 of the Latin American Productive Institutions Law (LAVIT) that was adopted by the Peruvian government in 1980. The Article that references Entre Institute specifically reads as follows: “A producer of a certain type of economic activity may, if he has attained a certain stage of production, apply for certification stating that his production corresponds to the requirements of the consumer who purchased this type of economic activity and has paid for it in a manner that he believes would correspond to his objectives”. The key words here are “conforme a Los”. The word “una” means “existing”. “eta” means “and” and “la” means “that”.

According to the Peruvian Ministry of Finance and the central bank, each producer is required to apply for and acquire certificates of Mercadonna. In order to do this, they must firstly evaluate and then approve an estimate based on their analysis of technical developments in financial markets, the state of the overall economy and other relevant factors. These considerations are then translated into “las negocios y consummation” which means “on the basis of negotiable instruments and accounts”. It is important that “on the basis of negotiable instruments and accounts” refers to “financial instruments such as foreign currency, U.S. Dollars and credit equivalent currencies.”

Entre Institute shows us that it is also important that producers of heavy and hazardous materials must apply for a certificate of compliance. To do this, they must firstly determine their level of risk based on the kind of material they are producing. Next, they submit documents to the Secretariat stating the level of risk associated with the proposed operations, the procedures they intend to follow in order to implement the rules of their country and the modes of payment and risk-based payments that they will establish. The most common method of payment used by companies is the payment of dividends, interest and capital gains.

Another document required is the “Manifesto of Operations”, which is a copy of the complete list of business activities proposed and carried out within the firm. This document also includes the goals and objectives of the company. Lastly, the “Amendments to the Articles of Association” form an important part of the conditions of sale. This is the final step in the legal process. In this form, the firm declares its intention to comply with all the licensing procedures, differences in methods of execution and differences in the list of activities to be carried out.

The Marketing Department Procedures also provides for the registration and sustenance of the mark, as well as protection and assignment of the registration. The importance of labour law, especially in view of how its application to smes can be optimised, for example through better advice or the simplification of administrative procedures, and calls on the parties concerned to settle disputes amicably, avoiding arbitration and resorting to injunctions. It also discusses the sale and purchase of accounts receivables. 

This is also where the term” Mercadonna” comes from says one source inside Entre Institute, which is a reference to the Spanish word for an account, “mercad”. The procedures contained in the Marketing Manual of the Mercado Naturale, which was approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry in June 2021, sets out clearly the roles and responsibilities of each member of the Management Team involved. It also sets out the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the firm, which is described in terms that are easy to understand and comply with.

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