Enhance your technical analysis knowledge with this price action course

Anyone with a basic knowledge of technical analysis knows that price is one of the most important factors related to the stock market. The study of price can reveal a great deal of information related to the markets and provide us with a clear view of the opportunities available to us.

Having the knowledge of price action and how it affects the market is an integral aspect of technical analysis. If you are interested to learn more about advanced price action, enrolling on a price action course can prove to be extremely useful.

But which price action trading course to enol for? Before we delve deeper into that, let us understand what is price action and how is it important in trading.

Price action and its importance in trading

Many traders believe that a security’s price is the ultimate indicator of its success because the price is what we buy and sell at and it guides our profits and loss. An analysis of price can help us identify the best performers in the market and include them in our portfolio.

To put it simply, price action is the up and down movement of a security’s price plotted over a time horizon. As we know, technical analysis is the study of historical price charts to identify future opportunities in the market and price action is an integral part of it. Price action forms the basis of a number of technical analysis indicators such as moving averages (simple and exponential), moving average convergence and divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI), candlesticks and others.

Short-term traders follow price action with utmost interest to make trading decisions. Traders use different kinds of indicators on charts to plot prices over time. This helps them understand and interpret trends, breakouts and reversals. Price action charts help them visualize and predict future price movements.

In short, the knowledge of price action is the basis of technical analysis. Understanding how price action works and developing an effective price action strategy can help you reap profits from the markets.

How to learn more about price action?

As we mentioned earlier, enrolling on a price action course is one of the best ways to learn the nuances of it. One of the most comprehensive price action courses available is the Complete Price Action Course conducted by Mr Sushant Jain and offered by, the renowned financial market education organization of India.

Let’s check out this course in more detail…

Course overview

This course is conducted by Mr Sushant Jain, the leading financial educator in India. The course contains 15 videos with 5+ hours of content. It has been meticulously designed for traders and investors of all levels to understand the basics of price action trading and also advanced price action. You can use these recorded videos to learn at your own pace. Learning can be conducted anytime, anywhere.

Who is the course meant for?

This course is ideal for anyone interested to learn the basics of technical analysis and in turn, financial markets. It can be extremely beneficial for independent traders and investors. For students aspiring to have a fruitful career in the financial world, this price action trading course is definitely the one to opt for. For individuals already working in the financial markets, this course can serve as a refresher.

Technical analysis can look daunting to people who are new to it. This program is one of the best ways to start learning about it. The course is delivered in a lucid manner, which makes it easy to understand for anyone, even without any prior knowledge of the financial world.

Since this course contains pre-recorded videos, students can learn in their spare time. Hence, people with already have a full-time job or students pursuing other full-time educational courses can easily enrol for this course.

Students also get access to a students’ forum where they can interact with their peers. They can participate in discussions, share knowledge and clarify doubts in this forum.

Topics covered

This complete price action course starts with the basics of technical analysis and moves on to more advanced concepts gradually. The topics of this program have been carefully chosen to cover the entire gambit of price action trading.

The curriculum starts with a tutorial of a charting tool and then discusses important aspects such as market structure, trends, sustenance, reversal, trendlines, breakouts and others. You will get to learn about support and resistance and how to plot them on a chart. You will also get a clear understanding of market gaps and how to make the best of them.

This course discusses important indicators related to technical analysis such as moving averages, MACD, RSI and others.

Throughout the course, Mr Sushant Jain shares tips and tricks related to the markets, which will not only help you identify hidden opportunities but also understand exactly which share to invest in.

When we talk about trading, we usually visualize people sitting at their computers all day, buying and selling stocks. However, anyone with a full-time job hardly gets the time and liberty to sit in front of the computer.

Does it mean, they cannot participate in trading?

Of course not? They can conduct swing trading in the market, a trading technique where positions are held for several days.

In this advanced price action course, Mr Sushant Jain discusses the basics of swing trading too.

The certification

Students completing this price action trading course are granted a certificate of completion from, the leading financial market educational organization of India and a subsidiary of StockEdge, the leading financial market app. This certification is valid for 1 year.

Professional trader and investor Nial Fuller once said “The market speaks its own language and that language is price action”. The importance of price action has been appreciated by professional traders across the world. This program is the ideal way to understand the nuances of this technique and gain the knowledge associated with it. This complete price action course definitely is the best way to master technical analysis.

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