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Drum Chandeliers vs. Globe Chandeliers

Lighting is one of the major parts of home décor, and many people invest heavily in it. Chandeliers have been one of the best lighting solutions for centuries, and even in the modern era, people are crazy about it. The chandelier not only enhances the aesthetics of the room but also sets the right mood and environment.

Every home needs a place where the family can spend some relaxed time, and hanging a Chandelier can fulfill that need. There are different types of Chandeliers that you can buy from the market, but here we will discuss two of the most famous ones: Drum Chandelier and Globe Chandelier.

If you don’t have any idea about these Chandelier types, then this guide will help you to explain what they are and tell the differences between them.

What is a Drum Chandelier?

To understand the drum Chandelier, you need to imagine the marching band drums you used to see in your school days. The drum-shaped chandelier is called a drum Chandelier. This type of chandelier has a round shape that encloses the section of light where the bulbs are. Additionally, this can be enclosed with a glass shade, linen shade, and other varieties of shades. Here the chandelier doesn’t have to be enclosed completely.

These types of luxury lights bring a great sense of space consciousness. This light is a great way to light up your home with short rooms. They take valuable space and offer focused lighting without intruding on the square footage. Additionally, it is also a great decorative addition to the home. If you want something unique and want to make your room different from others, then you should consider purchasing drum encroaching.

What is a Globe Chandelier?

To understand a globe Chandelier, you need to think about an earth-shaped chandelier. The earth shape perfectly defines the globe Chandelier. This chandelier can be metal, crystal and come in a wide range of varieties, colors, and sizes. If you are searching for a Chandelier for a round ball fixture, then you can consider a globe Chandelier.

There is something about the simplicity and charm of the globe Chandelier. This chandelier is timeless and has a pleasant design. It goes with both modern art deco and traditional-style homes. These luxury lights are versatile, and they make amazing décor items. With aesthetic appeal and glimmering crystals, they will surely amplify the quality of décor pieces.

The main difference between globe and drum Chandelier

The major difference between the globe and drum Chandeliers that sets them apart is the shape of the fixture. The globe Chandelier is sphere-shaped, so the height and width of the fixture are the same. But the drum Chandelier has a different width than the width because it is not sphere-shaped. If you are confused between these two types, then you will need to check the measurements of the room to ensure that the fixture would be a perfect fit. Both of them are elegant and would make your home more aesthetically pleasing.

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