Do You Know Why Axe Throwing Can Be Used for Team Building?

No employee likes to participate in a mandated team-building activity in your break room after working for a long day. Your company may employ a diverse group of employees from different generations and with a variety of interests and personalities.

As a result, it may seem impossible to locate an activity that the entire office or team will enjoy. Hatchet throwing in San Antonio, however, is the ideal sport for people of all ages and interests and promotes team building.

How you must aim your axe?

The next stage is to aim properly at your axe once you have taken your position. Remember the following:

    • Keep an eye on the goal.
  • Since aiming is entirely a matter of muscle memory, make an effort to repeat your movements after each successful throw.
  • Breathe.

One-handed throwing technique:

Although we usually advise starting with 2 hands, the one-handed throw has its appeal. When throwing with a single hand, bear the following in mind:

  • Keep your thumb away from the axe’s back.
  • Do not move your elbow.
  • When releasing, avoid crossing your arms over your torso.
  • Less can be more. You don’t need to throw as hard as you can.

You will soon be hitting bullseye if you bear these points in mind. Once you have mastered the fundamentals of axe throwing, all that remains is to choose the ideal day for your bachelor party.

Two-handed throwing technique

For the past 14 years, we have been educating our visitors using this standard technique. When throwing with 2 hands, bear the following in mind:

  • Put your dominant hand on the axe’s base.
  • Your dominant hand should be encircled by your other hand.
  • Keep your thumbs away from the axe’s back.
  • All the way back, bring the axe.
  • Release your axe while fully leaning forward.

The key benefits of Axe Throwing Near me meant for team building include the following.

  • Friendly competition

It may be a lot of fun and strengthen team spirit to have a friendly competition between employers and employees. We are aware of what it will take to assemble a cohesive, effective team.

  • Year-round access

San Antonio hatchet throwing will be available all year long, including in the harshest winters and hottest summers, unlike most workplace games, like volleyball, for instance. 

  • Relate also to your co-workers

It is a wonderful approach to learning more about your employees and their personalities outside of the workplace. Axe throwing can be a sport that encourages interpersonal interaction by allowing participants to be more vulnerable and authentic. 

  • Relieve work-related stress

With a certain cathartic stress reliever, coworkers and managers can finally take a break from the monotonous daily routine. It is immensely satisfying to hear your axe “thud” on any wooden target board. 

  • Opportunity to collaborate

Hatchet-throwing SA Texas provides your team with some practice cooperating, finding solutions, and motivating one another to win. To accomplish a specific and concrete aim, each team member might work to accomplish something. As a result, the team becomes cooperative and effective.

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