DIY Nail Kit: Get Your Dream Nails Right at Home!

Are you also frustrated with the continuous chapping of nails while doing your household chores or simply working from home? Well, you are at the right place then. Here’s something so life-changing that can save you your precious money too.

Products like the KISS Nails DIY nail kit are a one-stop solution for all your manicure needs at half the price you pay at a salon and at the comfort of your house. So, if you are interested in knowing more about these kits’ application process and how it is so convenient to use, read on.

A DIY Nail Kit for All Your Manicure Needs at Home!

How about you can do your own manicure at home by following some simple instructions? Well, that’s true since a DIY nail kit can meet all your glam needs, whether it’s a house-warming ceremony or getting glammed for your success party.

These nail kits are here to stay, and by following these simple steps, you can play with your nails depending on your mood for the day.

Step #1 Cleaning to Let Your Cuticles Breathe

This step involves an essential thing that is often neglected by many, and it is removing any nail polish, oil or dirt that might be on your nails. This even applies to people who don’t put nail polish, as rubbing a drop of nail polish remover on your nails will only strengthen your nails and moisturise your cuticles. So, after application, let them breathe for a minute, then wash with soap and water.

Step #2 Push Back Your Cuticles a Little and Buff Your Nails

Don’t cut or chop your cuticles, and push it back a little with a buffer or any filer you might have at home. This creates a space for your press-on nails and helps the cuticles not secrete any natural oils that could damage your press-on nails. After, buff your nails a bit which involves polishing your nails with a buffer to make them shinier and more youthful, and you would have something to make your nails grip on.

Step #3 Apply Your Nails Using the Glue in the Kit

Choose the perfect tip size for each nail and then start applying them one at a time with a dollop of glue on each nail.

Make sure that each nail tip covers around 1/3 part of the nail so that it doesn’t fall off when your natural nail grows out. So, apply pressure on your nail tip for about 10 seconds, then repeat the same process on the next nail.

Step #4 Shape Your New Nails and Apply a Dehydrating Nail Primer

After placing all your nail tips in place, you need to give a shape to your nails again so that it doesn’t appear that they are fake and look even more smooth and natural.

Also, in order to remove the natural oils and moisture on your nails that could make your nail polish not stick on the tips, apply a dehydrating primer to make it look more lively and to get an even surface.

Step #5 Apply Your Favourite Nail Polish and Let It Dry

Make your nail polish slide in from the cuticles to the tip of the nail, spreading it evenly and allowing it to dry at natural room temperature for 5-10 minutes. And, TADAA! your Insta-worthy nails are ready with just a tiny DIY kit at the most affordable prices.

Products like the KISS Nails DIY nail kit offers you a go-to solution for all your manicure needs, at half the price and right within the comfort of your home. So, now that you know about this simple-to-use DIY nail kit, you can explore various brands offering unique kits at affordable prices.

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