Different Weed Seeds to Choose

The growing season is back, and everyone is getting ready to plant. Marijuana is now legal in most US states. Thus, more people than ever are willing to try their hand at cannabis production. While this is a suitable cultivation method, how much do you know about cannabis farming?

Before we even applaud you on your decision to grow weed, do you have any idea how the process begins? we’re not here to stop you from trying indoor or outdoor pot horticulture. Our goal is to inspire you by providing you with the required knowledge before cultivating marijuana.

The following piece will cover everything you need to know before starting a weed farm and focus on the best seeds to use if you want to make serious money in this industry.

What “High” do you desire?

It would be best to ask yourself this question before beginning marijuana production. Although there are two main types of marijuana strains (Sativa and Indica), most are hybridized (crossbred), giving you more possibilities. Here are some of the primary cannabis genetic varieties.

Sativa: This variety of cannabis plants is tall and thin, and it matures slowly. Unlike Indica, Sativa has a higher output and a more energizing “high” promotes creativity.

Indica: shorter and bushier than Sativa. It matures faster and yields less. With a more sedative “high,” you can better rest and relax.

Ruderalis (auto flower): able to absorb light 24 hours a day, these cannabis strains develop faster than others. Despite their rapid growth, these plants lack potency and are crossbred with other cannabis plants to increase THC levels.

Hybrid: Finally, hybrid cannabis plants. In this situation, male and female cannabis plants are crossbred to form a new plant termed a mixture. While the dominant strain is always there, the psychoactive effect varies.

Is there enough room?

Depending on the rooting system, marijuana plants can grow from 6″ to 8″. Genetics, root size, trimming and training all influence the length and height of your cannabis plants.

Sativa plants grow taller with longer heavy buds, while Indica plants grow shorter and bushier with tiny buds. Keeping this in mind, always pick a spot that fits your seedlings. You can grow marijuana vertically or horizontally by trimming or netting, depending on the space provided.

Do you grow indoors or outdoors?

Indoor cannabis cultivation can provide higher yields per square foot than outdoor cannabis production. If you want to be productive, you must pay for energy and maintenance.

If you’re growing marijuana outdoors, you should consider the type of seeds you use in connection to your location, temperature, climate, privacy, and proximity to neighbors.

Which are better, feminized or natural seeds?

Cannabis, like humans, has male and female sexes. Now you have to decide whether to buy feminized seeds or natural seeds. Natural seeds include male and female seeds, whereas feminized seeds only produce female cannabis plants.

To avoid wasting space, energy, and money on undesirable male plants, most cannabis farmers will now opt for feminized seeds.

Having covered everything you need to know before cultivating cannabis, this article will now examine the best seeds to use.

Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze was created in Holland by an American expert and is an excellent seed for beginners. This cannabis seed has a sound output of 70-80 grammes per plant. Amnesia Haze creates delicious smoke that takes a long time to mature. Because this seed is prone to pests and illnesses, it is best grown inside.

White Widow

The White Widow is another well-known cannabis seed. The final plant is a cross between Brazilian Sativa and Indian indica, giving people a more potent high than ever. The White Widow gets its name from the smooth white crystal resin that accumulates on its buds.

The White Widow takes 60 days to mature and is ideal for beginners because of its easy upkeep. Because of its pickiness, cannabis growers should cultivate this seed indoors.

It’s a fickle plant that requires plenty of sunshine, warmth, water, phosphate, and nitrogen.

O.G. Kush

The O.G. Kush has the highest THC content of all Kush strains and has a distinct lemon flavor. This cannabis seed is easy to grow indoors and generates 50-60 grammes per plant.

Despite its intensity, the O.G. Kush is revered for its medical properties. It’s great for people living with cancer, digestive difficulties, and weight gainers as it boosts hunger. Finally, this plant’s capacity to produce a calm rest will help individuals with insomnia.

Super Skunk

Skunk has been around for a long time, and its genetics have laid the foundation of most hybrid cannabis strains. Super Skunk, a Sativa dominant strain, is one of the most accessible seeds to grow due to its short blooming time and high yields (65-70 grammes per plant).

This plant has light green leaves and brown hairs, a delicious smell, and an aromatic high that most cannabis users prefer.

Northern Light

Northern Light is a potent cannabis strain with an intense high. Its flavor is described as a mix of fruits and chamomile by most cannabis smokers.

Northern Light proliferates (10 weeks to flower) and can reach heights of one meter (indoors) or two meters (outdoors), necessitating high ceiling lighting.

The buds develop a lovely resin coating that gives off a beautiful glow at the end of their development. Beginners should avoid the Northern Light due to its high potency and speed.


Choosing the appropriate seeds is by far one of the most essential and game-changing variables that can determine a successful or failing cannabis farming endeavor. So always buy from i49.

Whether you’re growing cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, it’s critical to pick your seeds carefully to ensure that your yields match your investment. Whether you choose to cultivate cannabis indoors or outdoors, always choose seeds that function well in your region while considering seasonal variations.

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