Cricket betting: history, betting options

Cricket is a team game that is not included in the list of Olympic sports but is one of the most popular in the world. She is loved in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, but most of all cricket fans in India. The game attracts not only sportsmen and fans, but also betters. India betting fans can place their cricket bets online on the Parimatch bookmaker’s website. The international bookmaker offers a wide line of events, rich listings with lucrative quotes. Beginners who are just starting to place bets should read the information provided in the blog Collected here are tips from experts who have extensive experience in cricket analytics and forecasting. Professional recommendations will help make betting more successful and avoid common mistakes that make a beginner lose money.

A brief history of cricket

Cricket is a non-contact sport with a ball and bat. It appeared in southern Britain in the sixteenth century. In less than two centuries, it became the national sport of England, and the expansion of the British Empire contributed to the popularization of the game in the English colonies – India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia

In 1900, the game took part in the Olympics for the first and only time. In 1909, the International Cricket Council was organized, bringing together more than a hundred teams from different countries. But, the game was never included in the Olympic list. This is explained by the length of matches that do not fit into the tight schedule of the Olympics.

Cricket betting markets

The plus is that the matches are held all year round, which allows betters to constantly earn money on bets. The lines of sports bookmakers are wide enough. The main betting options are:

  • On the main outcome. A draw is possible only in the first level matches, for all other competitions it is possible to make a bet only on the victory of one of the teams.
  • Double chance. Such bets are accepted only on the first-level meetings, where a draw is possible. You can predict that one of the teams will not lose or there will be no draw result.
  • Totals. The better can guess how many runs there will be for the entire meeting time or after a certain number of overs.
  • Individual totals. A bet on how many points a particular team will earn in a certain segment of the game.
  • Asian Handicap. A bet on the victory of one of the opponents, taking into account a zero, negative or positive handicap.
  • For the title of best striker or batsman.
  • On the result of the draw.
  • On the winner of the championship.

In addition to the main bets in the lines of international offices, they offer to bet on additional outcomes. This can be an odd/even forecast, handicaps, over/under totals. All additional bets are made based on intuition.

Features of cricket betting

There are three formats of cricket fights – first level matches, one-day matches, T20. The first level competitions are protracted and last from 3 to 5 days. These are national championships and test games. In one-day matches, there can be no more than 40-50 overs, so the meeting lasts no more than one day. The most dynamic and entertaining cricket competition is the T20 format. They last no more than three and a half hours.

When making a cricket forecast, a bettor must take into account many factors, from the duration of the meeting to the weather conditions. It is important to pay attention to the current form of the teams, technique, skill, and endurance of athletes, the presence of injuries and disqualifications, the history of previous personal meetings and games with other national teams.

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