Comprehensive Guide To Buying Commercial Meat Slicer Machine

Investing in a commercial meat slicer is a smart decision for many restaurants, food service operations, and food prep facilities looking to improve kitchen workflow and productivity. While advanced electric slicers represent a sizable upfront cost, they offer invaluable time savings, waste reduction, and portion control compared to tedious manual slicing. With the right commercial meat slicer, staff can quickly and efficiently slice proteins like roast beef, ham, turkey, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and more to order for customers or meal prep.

Built for Speed and Volume

Commercial slicers are designed to handle high slicing volumes to keep up with customer demand. Powerful motors with at least 1/3 HP allow fast blade speeds up to 380 RPM for swift slicing. The automated operation means staff don’t need to manually feed food items against the blade tiring their wrists. Many models can slice an 8 inch deli meat log in just 60 seconds.

Adjustable Carriage and Blade

Quality commercial slicers allow easy adjustments to the thickness setting with a knob for precision slicing control. The thickness can be set from paper-thin to over 3/4 inch. The slicing table or carriage smoothly glides back and forth over the circular blade powered via the motorized belt drive. A sharp circular stainless steel knife from 10 to 14 inches diameter provides clean cuts and is removable for easy sharpening or replacement as needed.

User-Friendly Design

The best commercial meat slicers have an angled body for natural arm positioning and non-slip, waterproof buttons for easy cleaning. A smooth anodized aluminum or stainless steel finish resists stains and dirt buildup. Look for models with built-in ring guards covering the blade edge for operator safety. Additional stability legs prevent tipping.

Easy Maintenance 

Top brands design slicers for simple sanitation with removable components. Blades, food trays, and thickness guides should have quick release for cleaning by hand or dishwasher. Look for seamless surfaces and anodizing that inhibits bacterial buildup. Waterproof, fan-cooled motors permit wipe down cleaning.

Warranties for Peace of Mind

Reputable meat slicer brands offer warranties between 1-5 years for trusted performance. Models made with durable materials like die-cast aluminum and gear-driven motors hold up well. Choose NSF, ETL, or UL sanitation certified slicers made for commercial use. 

Perfect for Deli Counters and Buffets

While home models exist, commercial meat slicers excel in professional kitchens serving up deli sandwiches, pizzas topped to order, charcuterie and cheese boards, and carvery stations. The swift yet controlled slicing enhances customer experience while the large blade diameter handles high output. Electric slicers blend productivity and consistency.

Tips To Choose The Best Meat Slicer

Here are some tips for choosing the best commercial meat slicer:

  • Look for a powerful motor (at least 1/3 horsepower) for fast, efficient slicing. Higher wattage means better performance.
  • Seek a high blade speed around 380 RPM for fast slicing through large cuts of meat. Faster is better.
  • Choose at least a 10 inch diameter circular blade, ideally 12-14 inches. Large blades slice more per pass.

With their speed, precision, durability, and sanitation features, commercial meat slicers are a workhorse addition to high volume restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies, food factories, and any operation in need of fast slicing results. Investing in the right electric slicer saves significant labor time and frustration versus manual methods to keep culinary workflow running smoothly.

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