CNC machining services

CNC machine parts are very durable, and one can perform many tasks from the same machine. Their manufacturing is different from other prototyping and grinding instruments. During the production of various materials, parts have to undergo many severe conditions like excess electric supply and very high temperatures. CNC is the modern fabrication method, and we are going to expose some CNC machining services in this article.

CNC router with tool changer serves the role of backbone in the field of CNC machining. Industries have to rely on CNC services because they are more reliable and accurate than any machining process. These services have codes, and they undergo checking to collect data that is transferred accurately or not to meet the ultra-high level of perfection.

Services offered by CNC machining

1. Die Casting

Die casting is the service in which codes generate products with smooth surfaces incorporated with complex geometric structures.  Two steel dies are present in constructing a die casting machine that can easily bear high pressure.  Molten metal is added to these steel dies and is forced to bear high pressure. This process is suitable for large volume production only.

Types of die casting:

The die casting process can be performed in two ways one is cold die casting, and the other one is hot casting. Both these processes are limited to producing specific kinds of materials as hot die casting is allowed only for zinc and tin while cold is for aluminum and zinc alloys.

The process is done in die casting:

Following services are given in die casting depending upon the requirement of customers.

  • Polishing of rough surfaces
  • Painting on hard metals
  • Assembly of different parts of the machine
  • Powder coating

2. Precision casting

For obtaining complex geometries with accurate dimensions, precision casting is done that resembles with lost-wax casting procedure. This process is suitable for making steel, bronze, and zinc parts of the machine.

Ceramic mold and wax cast are used in this process. Wax is melted in the machine. The pattern is coated with ceramic material according to the cast shape; when the wax solidifies, the material is brought out and ready for usage.

The process is done in precision casting:

This method is commonly called investment casting, as one must give a cast to the company. Following materials casting can be done in addition to wax to meet the versatile requirement:

  • Aluminum casting
  • Cobalt casting zinc casting
  • Stainless steel casting

3. Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is one of the most popular CNC machining services that will copy a particular model over the product using three-dimensional computer-aided data. This procedure is without much investment as complex tools and machinery are not required to complete the task.

The company makes a sample product and can show it to the customers who can tell the changes immediately that are then subjected to change. This process makes adjustments, color selection, and precision faster and secure.

  • Rapid prototyping services

In rapid prototyping, 3D printing and injection molding is done. After this highly trained staff turns your whole product into a working model that the people in their daily lives can use.

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