Christmas Is Around the Corner. Here’s What I’m Getting My Loved Ones

My Mom is Obsessed with Books

My mom has always adored fiction books, so this year, I’m buying her a new Kindle. It’s a wonderful little tablet that lets you read just about anywhere. What’s even better about it is that there are millions of titles in its database, so she’ll never run out of reading material! She did tell me recently that she has been running out of good things to read, and I want to fix that.

In case she isn’t a fan of reading on a screen, I’m also going to buy her a few paperbacks. I was thinking of getting her a few James Patterson mystery novels to add to her giant collection!

My Dad Has Been Wanting Golf Gear

It’s hard for most people to name even 5 golf players. You may only be able to list Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Phil Mickelson. My dad, however, can instantly name the 20 best players of all time. He is a golf mega-fan, and also plays himself. He may not be the best sportsman in the world, but it gives him a lot of joy, and that’s all that matters!

Because he plays so much, his gear has become quite worn. His clubs are scratched, scuffed, and dulled, and cleaning doesn’t make them work any better. That’s why I’ve been asking a few of his golf buddies what kind of equipment I should surprise him with for Christmas.

This gift will be a real treat and will help him play so much better. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he unwraps everything!

My Wife Deserves a Stunning Necklace

I’ve bought my wife a lot of jewelry over the years, but her favorite piece is the diamond necklace I got her for our first anniversary. It looks just as good as the day she first wore it!

This year, I want to get her something equally as beautiful. I’ve been eyeing an amazing silver necklace that would go great with any of her outfits. It isn’t flashy, but it is incredibly sophisticated. It’s in the shape of a moon with stars around it. The stars themselves have diamonds in them, and sparkle like real stars.

This gift will be absolutely stunning, and I’m excited to see her wear it!

I Deserve to Treat Myself, Too

With everything I’m getting for my family, I deserve to treat myself! I haven’t been aging as gracefully as I’d like and have thought about ways to get rid of my wrinkles and sagging skin.

After discussing with a few of my friends who have had facelifts, I’ve decided that it’s time to follow suit. I am planning to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon so that I can finally look incredible in my old age by getting a deep plane facelift!

My Son Needs a Laptop for School and Entertainment

My son is about to enter middle school, so I think that a laptop would be a great gift for him this year. It will allow him to do homework and stay up to date on his studies. Even better, he won’t have to use my or my wife’s computers and can also play video games with his friends.

The good news is that, since the computer will primarily be for his schoolwork, it won’t have to be ridiculously expensive. Have you seen the price tag for the new Nvidia RTX 4090? Some venues are selling it for nearly $2,000!

Getting Their Favorite Christmas Dinner

It may be a little unorthodox, but on Christmas, my family and I order takeout from a nearby Chinese restaurant. It has been our tradition for the last few years and has made us just as happy as any traditional meal. After the trials and tribulations of 2022, my folks definitely deserve some delicious lo mein and General Tso’s chicken!

How are you and your loved ones spending Christmas this year?

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