Can Weed Help Me Get a Good Night Sleep?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is widely used as a sedative by recreational and medical users. Approximately 70% of young adults who use cannabis occasionally report it helps them sleep. Half of the long-term cannabis users (those who have been using it for at least ten years) use it to help them sleep. Up to 85% of individuals using cannabis for purposes like pain management state that it enhances their ability to sleep. Weed delivery service in San Francisco lets you experience the benefits of weed edibles. 

Does Cannabis Aid Sleep?

Marijuana helps in falling asleep in some situations. Cannabis may help people with specific diseases such as chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and multiple sclerosis falls asleep faster, wake up less, and sleep better overall. Furthermore, a recent study discovered that cannabis significantly reduces RLS symptoms (RLS).

Cannabis is self-medication for pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Although a study on people with insomnia found that many participants reported symptom relief after using cannabis, the effectiveness of cannabis for sleep is less clear among these users.

Several studies have found that the way cannabis affects a person’s ability to sleep varies depending on how frequently they use it. A regular cannabis user is likelier to have sleep problems than an infrequent user or someone who never uses cannabis. Non-users report fewer sleep problems when compared to daily users. Get cannabis edibles for yourself through weed delivery

How Does Cannabis Help You Sleep?

By reacting with the receptors in the brain, cannabinoids might promote sleep. The brain receives signals from cannabis when they bind to these receptors, inhibiting the alertness system and raising adenosine levels, favoring sleep. Cannabis users may experience sleep or sedation due to the combination of these actions.

Cannabis has different active ingredients, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC normally has a calming effect, but it can also have a stimulating effect on some people, especially those who are new to cannabis use or are taking higher doses of the drug. Sometimes, consuming cannabis before bedtime may make it difficult to fall asleep. CBD induces drowsiness at larger doses while promoting alertness at lower ones. When combined, the effects of the two drugs might change based on timing and dosage.

Furthermore, CBD and THC may be beneficial for long-term illnesses that interfere with sleep.

The effects of utilizing cannabis to fall asleep may vary based on the kind and variety you use. THC, the main psychoactive ingredient, is found in higher concentrations in cannabis, and Hemp plants have higher CBD concentrations.

Does Cannabis Affect Your Sleep Quality?

Cannabis may alter your sleep architecture or the amount of time you spend in each sleep stage, making you fall asleep faster. Short-term cannabis use lengthens deep sleep cycles, allowing you to wake up feeling rested. THC reduces the length of REM sleep, which is when you spend most of your time dreaming, processing emotions, and enacting new memories.

Because dreams are a common and distressing symptom of PTSD, reducing REM sleep may provide some benefits to those suffering from it. According to one study of women with PTSD, those with more severe symptoms and difficulty sleeping were more likely to use cannabis as a coping mechanism. According to one study, synthetic cannabis significantly reduced or eliminated nightmares in PTSD patients. Some study participants claimed to have better sleep quality and fewer daytime memories.

Which Variant of Cannabis Assists in Sleep?

There are numerous cannabis strains, and each has a unique effect. Indica and Sativa strains are the most widely used types:

  • Some people contend that indica is more calming and may help people feel relaxed and sleepy. For reducing pain, unwinding, and falling asleep, people favor indica.
  • Sativa is more energizing and might give some people a euphoric high. People widely use Sativa to boost their energy.

Indica is considered the finest cannabis strain for sleep due to its relaxing effects.

On the other hand, Sativa may be preferred by those who use cannabis to prevent nightmares. Depending on the precise ratio of cannabinoids and other compounds, hybrid strains made up of a mix of Indica and Sativa may produce various effects.

Most distinctions between Sativa and indica strains are created primarily on the personal experiences of cannabis users. Some experts contend that the distinction between indica and Sativa strains is less significant than the diversity in THC levels and other compounds in any given product. Weed delivery services will deliver cannabis variants to you. 

Deciding If Cannabis Is Right for You?

It is entirely up to the individual to use cannabis for sleep. Although some researchers are concerned about the limitations of these trials and the potential risks of consuming cannabis until the dose is more uniform, synthetic variants of the plant appear to alleviate nightmares and insomnia.

Many people use cannabis to alleviate their insomnia and discomfort. However, some people report that it worsens their anxiety or paranoia. If you don’t like getting high, a strain with a higher CBD content might be a better option. Get edibles through a weed delivery service in San Francisco and experience the benefits.


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