Buyer’s Choice: Five Best Mattresses You Can Purchase

After a long day of work, you deserve a beautiful rest. Your mattress is waiting for you to lie down, but you constantly feel discomfort. Your body becomes restless, and sometimes you feel sore when you wake up. You feel that your mattress is not the right one for your body, thus disrupting your sleeping schedule. It’s time to find an appropriate mattress for you.

There are different types of mattresses, and each type varies its purpose to serve comfortability to the user. During mattress hunting, you can find the latest mattresses for you based on either its materials used or it can help your body to relax. Take a look below to know the best mattresses that you deserve to have.


Innerspring was first developed during the 19th century and is still widely used by most sleepers. This type of mattress is made of steel coils which makes the bed bouncy. Furthermore, this type of mattress gives significant support to every sleeper due to its firmness. This type of mattress is also suitable for both back and stomach sleepers.

Innerspring’s coils are the mattress’ support core. This can provide you with a mattress with solid reinforcement and prevent sinkage from letting you sleep and sit on the edge. Moreover, these coils can also regulate the bed’s temperature since they can boost airflow, making your body cooler. All of these features are why some people consider innerspring mattresses to be the best mattresses people can get.

Memory Foam

This type of mattress is often used by sleepers aged 59 below. Memory foam was initially a padding material for aircraft, which was made by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the 1960s. Memory foam is also known for sensitivity in temperature, where this mattress will soften once exposed to body heat.

Memory foam mattresses contain comfort layers made of memory foam or also polyfoam. With this material, it is known for slow response to pressure and deep contouring hug. This mattress is best for sleepers who endures back pains, and it can also help improve poor spinal alignment. This is also ideal for side sleepers for it gives a good hold for the shoulder muscles.


Latex is a type of mattress that is made of a rubber tree plant (Hevea brasiliensis). This mattress is considered eco-friendly and organic due to its initial raw material. If a sleeper prefers an active and lively type of mattress, then this is a suitable mattress for you. In addition, latex foam is known for being quick in response to pressure.

This mattress is undoubtedly durable. Therefore, you can expect a longer lifespan in this type of mattress; approximately, it can last up to eight years at least. Latex mattresses are also fairly breathable since their layers were ventilated with small holes for better airflow, making you sleep with a cooling feeling. This type of mattress is an excellent option for users who sleeps hot.


Airbeds are just recently available in the market, yet not all stores offer this kind of product. This kind of mattress is made with an adjustable air core where you can change its firmness by adding or releasing air. In addition, airbeds also contain comfort layers that are made of various materials such as polyfoam, latex, or mini coils.

This type of mattress is best for sleepers who drastically want changes in the firmness of their mattress. With this adjustable nature, airbeds are ideal for all sleeping positions and ages. Another thing, this mattress is also durable, which is undoubtedly worth your money.


The mattress market has now offered a new product. Hybrid mattresses are pretty popular with consumers these days. Aside from that, you can choose from a wide selection of these mattresses, which makes them desirable to the customers’ eyes. This type of mattress can be either mixed with memory foam or latex, and it can also be both. Its support core is always backed up with mini coils.

Hybrid mattresses users find this bed very comfortable since it adapts and reduces pressure, just like latex or memory foam. Other than that, it also provides excellent support and overall breathability due to its fantastic coil system, which can be compared to a well-made innerspring mattress.


Consumers commonly think that all mattresses are the same since they only serve a purpose for sleeping. Finding the right mattress considering the materials and their benefits for the user is essential. What is the point of buying a mattress that cannot offer you great comfort and a proper resting place?

Researching and exploring for your desirable mattress can be exhausting, but taking this for granted can have a greater risk of wasting your money on a mattress that does not meet your needs and expectations. Moreover, changing a new mattress can also be expensive, so you should think thoroughly about what type of mattress is for you

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