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A melting pot of divine cultures, the overall love affair of the City of Joy with delicious food is not surprising. With intense culinary culture and traditions passed down through generations and inspired by multiple invasions and migrations from all around, the intense culinary scene of Kolkata is the entire globe on your plate. Therefore, you have the leisure to try out food home delivery services to try out the best that the city has to offer.

A culinary blend of Bengali, Mughlai, British, European, and even Chinese cuisines, Kolkata has something delicious and fulfilling for everyone. There is no denying the fact that a local in the city wakes up and spends the entire day thinking about the wide array of famous delights Kolkata has to offer. By the time your breakfast menu will be sorted, you can start thinking about lunch and evening snacks as you plan for food home delivery in Kolkata.

The Go-to Food Home Delivery Guide in Kolkata

The culinary scene in the City of Joy is vibrant, rewarding, and partyguise intense in all its forms. It is not just prevalent in legendary restaurants or traditional kitchens of the city. You get an opportunity to witness the diversity of the local cuisines across street-side vendors and small eateries all around. If you are craving for something delicious and wish to opt for home food delivery in Kolkata, here are some must-haves for your palate:

· Kathi Rolls

Are you looking for an easy, on-the-go snack? You cannot simply pass up a delicious offering of mouth-watering Kathi Rolls in the city. It is a highly celebrated street-side delicacy of Kolkata. The concept of the dish was conceived at the popular Nizam’s -a divine Mughlai cuisine eatery in the city with its history dating back to 1932.

The original local dish featured scrumptious meat kebab wrapped in a flatbread or parantha with delicious spices and toppings. Over years, the dish has evolved to depict fillings of all factnewsph types, right from paneer to chicken, egg, and so more.

· Kolkata Biryani

The city flaunts its own unique style of Biryani. The local palate of Biryani here usually features boiled eggs and potatoes. The dish is lighter in spices as well. The respective Biryani version is a modified variant of the famous Awadhi Biryani -right from the royal kitchens. The King of Awadh, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, had brought forth the concept of Biryani to Kolkata was back in 1856.

Legends reveal that potatoes were added to the dish either to thestyleplus substitute the expensive meat or because it was considered as an ‘exotic’ vegetable back then. There are several famous restaurants serving the delightful Kolkata Biryani.

· Shorshe Fish

Shorshe Ilish or Hilsa fish marinated in a rich, mustard-based sauce is the ultimate lifestylefun fish dish you will come across in Kolkata. The fish variant is quite common in the region -especially during the monsoon season. The fish is famed for its soft texture and oily composition. There are erratichour several famous eateries in the city unfolding a wide range of lip-smacking delicacies made out of this fish.

· Kosha Mangsho

It is a flavorful, fiery version of Bengali mutton curry that is primarily prepared on special occasions like festivals or weddings. In the rich preparation, mutton pieces are marinated and cooked in mustard oil on low heat until they become tender. The dish is enriched with different spices and herbs to enhance the overall flavors.

If you do not prefer mutton, you can choose the chicken version of the dish. Have the dense curry with Luchi or steamed rice for added flavors. For a slightly milder version of the dish, you can customize your order as you place food home delivery from Swiggy.

· Aloo Posto

Bengalis are equally crazy about potatoes -just like they love fish. The simple and delicious Aloo Posto is a famous specialty of the area. The dish features funnyjok scrumptious potatoes cooked in a rich posto or poppy seeds paste along with rich spices and nuts.

The poppy seeds deliver a slightly relaxing effect. Therefore, this dish is usually prepared during afternoons during weekends to help you nap around easily.

· Shukto

The bitter veggie stew is prepared richly in mustard oil. The dish is usually served at the start of a typical Bengali lunch. You will find that the stew is rich in nutrition-filled veggies like bitter gourd and others. These veggies are meant to cleanse your overall palate while improving digestion at the same time. In some preparations, milk is also added to remove any bitter flavor.

The dish is believed to have been adapted from either ancient Ayurvedic preparations or Portuguese cuisines that were prominent across the Bay of Bengal.

· Mishti Doi

You cannot leave Kolkata without trying a serving of the must-have Mishti Doi in the city. Served in small clay cups to absorb ample moisture, Mishti Doi is a creamy, thick dessert made out of yogurt. It is quite a famous dessert amongst both locals and tourists alike.

While Rosogolla in Kolkata continues ruling the realm, Mishti Doi serves to be more addictive and indulgent. The dessert is prepared by caramelizing boiled milk with jaggery and allowing it to sit and ferment overnight. There are several famous sweet shops and even local eateries offering delightful servings of Mishti Doi throughout the city.

· Fish Cutlet

Featuring chopped veggies and slices of fish, all blended well and shaped into smaller discs, Fish Cutlet is prepared by dipping the ingredients into a thick batter and deep frying the same. The lip-smacking treat in Kolkata is a lovely snack you will easily come across street-side food stalls. In some instances, the dish is prepared by only dipping fish filets into a flavorful batter and then deep frying the same.


If you are headed to the City of Joy, leave no stone unturned to try out the local delicacies the historic city has to offer. You can opt for food home delivery to relax and have your favorite dishes in the comfort of your home. 

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