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The song has been a hit for many political parties, including the RJD, Congress, and Nitish government. The original is very upbeat, and is a perfect example of a modern political song. The BJP’s version is more upbeat, and talks about development in Bihar, and the need to invest in educational institutions. But in recent weeks, the BJP has criticized the BJP’s version.

The song, sung by Kunwar Singh, has been the most popular since its release. It is associated with birth, marriage, and paddy sowing and harvesting. Chanchal Chaims, who sings the song, is also one of the most well-known singers of the state. Her lyrical style has won her fans, and she is a rising star in the music industry. The lyrics are full of passion and heartbreak.

Besides being inspirational, the BiharSong has been popular and has become a staple of local culture. The traditional songs have been immortalized by prominent artists such as Kunwar Singh, Abhishek Prajapati, and Rohit Naudiyal. These songs capture the essence of the state and are a perfect representation of the state’s diversity. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful song to celebrate the state’s rich culture, try one of these.

The story behind this song has been a sad one. The singers were murdered by the Bihar government’s DGP. As a result, Chakraborty’s family filed a complaint in court. The CBI was asked to investigate the allegations. The Bihar government is pressing for a probe into the incident, and the singer has since changed his avatar. This is not the only case where a song has become a social media sensation.

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