Best Hair Colors and Hair Color Trends for This Year

How to know which hair color is the one that suits you the most?

I feel like changing my hair color, but I don’t know how to deal with sudden changes. On the one hand, hit something that is comfortable for you. And on the other hand, do that by choosing highlighting or trend coloring from 2021 to 2022.

If you have any doubts about which color is the most flattering, given your skin color and eye color,hair colors ideas so keep reading. We have prepared a super complete guide for you so that you can find those tips and advice you are looking for. And you can even take a test to clear your last question.

Depending on the color of your eyes

One of the factors that determine which hair color is best for you is the color of your eyes.

Black eyes: Black eyes go well with chocolate, brown and black shades. With dark brown eyes, mahogany also tends to look good. This is your case, but if you have a very white complexion, try a chocolate mane with “baby light” highlights in brown tones so that your face doesn’t get too stiff.

Brown Eyes: The brown color fits perfectly with this type of eye color, but if your skin is white, you can also choose ash blonde or copper blonde. A brown base with golden highlights can be a very flattering option for women with brown or honey eyes.

Green eyes: Light skin with this eye color is usually preferred for blonde shades (with gray or highlights), while tanned skin with green eyes is for brown, bronze, or copper blonde hair. It fits well.

Blue eyes: Blond mane is better with light skin, but tanned skin with blue eyes is preferred for golden tones and bronze hair. Also, very pale skin with very bright blue eyes can take advantage of dark brunette and chocolate tones as it creates a great contrast with the iris skin color and color.

According to your skin tone

What hair color suits my skin?

Bright skin: Burnable skin in the sun, blushing clearly. There are cool tones (such as purple and green) or warm tones (such as gold and orange) to determine which makeup and hair color is best for you. You can find out what skin shades you have by reviewing which color is the most flattering to your face in your clothes. Observe if clothing in the cold range (blue, purple, fuxia, etc.) or clothing in the warm range (orange, red, or yellow) predominates. For this type of skin you can choose between gold, mahogany (especially for bright eyes), bronze, and light brown, as well as a range of bright blondes. Always take eye color into account to find the most flattering tone. One aspect to consider for fair skin is the tone of the eyebrows. The eyebrows should match the hair color. If they do not match, the complexion contrast is too strong. It may also be worth coloring the eyebrows to achieve a more uniform and flattering result.

Medium skin: Chestnuts with warm reflexes go well with this type of skin. If you prefer to choose a shade of blonde, it is better to choose a golden one or use a shade of copper to avoid more oxygenated blondes. The color of mahogany and chocolate chestnuts may also prefer this type of skin, depending on the eye color that always accompanies them.

Combination of eyes and hair

If you have fair skin and light eyes (blue or grey), Scandinavian blonde or copper tones prefer you. On the other hand, colors that are too dark are not appropriate (jet black is discarded) as they enhance functionality. On the other hand, if the combination is brown, honey, or fair with greenish eyes, you should choose a more golden and less cold blonde shade and a light brown such as “blond” with caramel

What hair colors rejuvenate?

Over the years, light hair darkens and tends to lose its original blonde tone from childhood. The remaining hair tones also tend to lose their original brilliance and brightness with age. For this reason, naturalness is the key to achieving a rejuvenating hair color. That is, to achieve a shade that most closely matches the natural color of your hair when you were young.

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