Best Deals: How to Get the Best Price When Buying a New Mattress

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Getting a new mattress is generally an expensive buy. Of course, who doesn’t want a high-quality bed for sleep? Indeed, everyone’s goal is to get the best one out of all choices available. But let’s be honest, we always find ways to get a great deal. Not that we don’t want to spend much on our sleeping needs, but saving money is also a must, especially these days.

Mattress shopping means beating all the odds. Thus, checking all the details to secure quality and satisfaction is needed in the shopping process. You may be unaware, but choosing a new mattress can be challenging. However, easy ways are always available online to make every mattress shopping bearable. The knowledge you have about yourself is also helpful!

Figuring out what you prefer and what comfort means to you can be your stepping stone to a good night’s sleep. Enough time and patience are also significant to find a mattress that can last for many years. Furthermore, many factors should come to mind first before finally choosing one. This may include what mattress type, brand, firmness, and many others. Check the tips we list down below to get the best deals when buying a new mattress.

Shop In-Store or Online

Deciding where to buy your new mattress is one of the crucial things to starting your mattress journey. Shopping in-store means you have to drive over to the local mattress shops readily available in your area. Buying the traditional way can be an advantage to try out different mattress options. Advantages of buying your new mattress include the following:

  • Test out many options, including the highest rated mattress this year.
  • Check out the actual quality of the bed.
  • Consultation with the salesperson about the mattress details.
  • Negotiable price and product bundles.

Buying online has also been a great alternative for many shoppers today. This is primarily useful, mainly because the pandemic has limited our actions outside our homes. Although shopping online loses your ability to try out actual mattresses, customer reviews are available for you to see. Here are the things you might get from shopping for your mattress online:

  • You can freely shop anytime you want in your home.
  • Read up complete details about the mattress of your choice.
  • Many affordable beds and different types are available online.
  • In most cases, shipping your product is free and fast!

Holidays Are in for Better Deals!

Who doesn’t love holidays? Aside from the fun of gathering with your loved ones, it is also the best time for great shopping deals! Of course, companies and mattress industries will celebrate seasonal trends. Thus, major holidays do have big sales wherever you check. These sales events can be an advantage to shoppers with big purchases. You will probably have the greatest deals with great quality products!

During major holidays, various discounts, coupon codes, and product bundles are available. Some may offer great and lower price offers with free products. One great example of it is once you purchase a new mattress, you can get free pillows! These are just some of the great deals you can get during holiday sales. Indeed a great time to purchase good products and save more money all at the same time.

Coupon Hunting

As mentioned above, coupons are available in holiday sales. However, most of the time, coupons are freely available even on regular shopping days. This is most notable especially in online shopping sites. Online shopping brands in general, provide coupon codes customers can use when buying a product. Typical coupons can help save up to hundreds of dollars!

I’m sure most are already aware that this is a great marketing strategy for most brands. If you plan to buy online, you can browse different coupon codes available on the site before checking out. Try getting mattress types that can be convenient for delivery. A choice you can consider is the mattress in a box. All you have to do is check out, wait for delivery, receive the mattress, remove the box, and roll it out! Indeed an interesting mattress choice.

Mattress Warranty

Before purchasing any product, it is always important to look for its warranty. Of course, mattresses are no exception. Warranties are essential to secure assistance regarding manufacturing defects and issues that can directly affect the sleeping experience. Worry less as product warranties provide detailed terms securing the rights and benefits of the customers.

Again, every mattress you purchase should have a warranty. The warranty terms should include the timeframe in which the company promises to replace, repair, or refund. To fully understand warranties, here are the three types of warranties you should take note of when buying a new mattress:

  • Written Warranty – These warranties are legally required. It can commonly last for five to 20 years.
  • Spoken Warranty – You have probably experienced talking with a salesperson regarding warranties. This warranty type is a verbal explanation of the actual written warranty by an attending salesperson.
  • Implied Warranty – State laws dictate this warranty type. Even without written or verbal warranties, it is still effective. It is to assure the shoppers that what they buy will fit its intended purpose.

Mattress Comparisons

Different mattress types are available in the market. Some may say this mattress is better than this. Some may compare the price and its qualities. Many factors are freely available to make comparisons with. Thus, enough time is needed to get the best out of all choices. Memory foams are commonly compared with gel mattresses. Although they are somehow similar in terms of comfort, they can differ in which one offers cooler sleep.

Furthermore, innerspring mattresses can provide a traditional comfy feeling, but others might prefer a combination of comfort in one, just like hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses combine the comfort and support of memory, gel, or latex foam with a spring coil system. These are just some of the popular comparisons in terms of mattress purchase. You can still explore other mattress types for more info.


The best shopping deals come in achieving your ultimate goal: to achieve comfort and satisfying sleep. You can just go online or drive straight to the stores and get what you think is best, but there’s a high possibility of you compromising your sleep in the next few days. Thus, it is crucial to give your sleep much importance just as you give great attention to your health and well-being.

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