Benefits Of Appearing In Class 5 Maths Olympiad

Schooling is all about giving examinations and putting in efforts to pass them. Olympiad exams are talent hunt examinations that happen from class 1 to 10 in all the schools of India. These exams are not just about performing in the papers but a lot more than that. We often underestimate Olympiad examinations by thinking that there is no need to give these examinations. We fail to realize that these olympiads are our national and international level competitions. They are very beneficial for the child’s future. These examinations promote a child’s interest in various subjects and it makes them self-confident to perform better in the subjects. 

There are a lot of benefits for a student who gives Olympiad examinations:

  • It helps in preparing for other competitions:

The Olympiad is not something different from the academics of the school. Basic knowledge is required for repairing school exams as well as for the competitive examinations. Math Olympiad is very important for a student. It provides all the abilities to learn the basic concepts of the particular class the student is studying in. This helps when the student is further planning to pursue higher studies in maths or give competitive exams like JEE.

  • It provides clarity of different concepts:

Preparing about different concepts is not just from the school books but also the booklets provided by the Olympiad organizations. It helps the students to solve different kinds of questions based on similar topics. 

  • Promotes self-study:

When a student gives Olympiad examinations and gets very impressed by the subject while preparing for the same. This helps the student to learn the subject on his own. The student gets so interested that they find various means to learn the particular subject. 

  • Increases motivation:

Preparing for Olympiad examinations and performing well increases the intrinsic motivation in the student. This kind of motivation is very important when it comes to studying. This causes the drive to learn the particular subject intrinsically. The urge to learn comes from within. 

  • Promote better academic performance:

Since the Olympiad examinations are based on the curriculum prescribed by the boards and schools it is nothing different that the child is learning from the basic academics. While preparing for the Olympiad examinations the students encounter different kinds of questions based on a single concept. This makes them aware of how different questions can be asked from a piece of content that they have read. In this way, the students start thinking about the concepts they learn. 

  • Helps in improving aptitude:

Participating in Maths Olympiad helps in improving quantitative aptitude, which would be essential in the long run. Olympiad exams are objective and students are acquired to solve the questions and mark the options in the sections, just like other examinations have. Olympiad exams help in quantitative aptitude preparation from the early grades and make the student confident in such kinds of questions. 

  • Provides a good scope for additional knowledge:

Olympiad examinations are not based on the questions asked in the NCERT books or any textbook that is followed in the schools. The questions are based on the syllabus prescribed but they are just differently given based on the patterns and level of difficulties. The questions are given as they are given in the booklets provided. Students can learn from IMO PYQP For Class 5 with Answers to get an idea of the exam.

  • Contains Higher Order Thinking Skills:

The questions in the Olympiad exams are not always direct. They are deeply based on the concepts described in the syllabus. The questions are framed to test the knowledge about the concepts. The questions are based on higher-order thinking skills and students need to apply their brains to answer the questions. 

  • Makes the students think out of the box:

Olympiad questions are not about solving the questions using the techniques but also thinking about the various aspects that the students have studied. By preparing for Olympiad examinations a student gets to know what are the different ways to solve the questions based on a particular concept and how the questions can be framed. They start studying in ways about how different questions can be asked from the particular piece of content they are reading. 

  • Improves the implication of the subject

The school examinations sometimes make the students think and apply the concepts as prescribed in the book. 


Olympiad exams are not impossible to crack. Students of years Olympiad exams are very well versed with the school syllabus because it is based upon the syllabus prescribed by various boards. By giving the Olympiad examinations from class 1st to class 10th the students get habits with the examination procedures. They get confident about giving the exams and the fear of examinations is overcome. It also makes the student certificate cash prizes medals and trophies when they excel in these olympiad examinations. These Olympiad examinations also help in building CVs for the kids because in the future when the students are hired by different companies or when they give high-level examinations their CV matters a lot. 

The students who pass the Olympiad examinations and excel in them are always preferred over other candidates and given academic points in various selection procedures. Students should never keep themselves away from the opportunity of giving the Olympiad examinations and preparing for the same. Students should think of it as an opportunity to improve their learning and as a challenge to conquer. 

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