Avoid the bystander effect: learn how first aid certification can help in your everyday life

Haven’t you ever seen someone get in an accident and you want to help – but you do not know how? If you are unsure of what to do so you can help someone start breathing again, avoid choking, cease any current panic attacks, and help with physical issues, then taking a first aid course can help you feel confident if an accident occurs. After all, you need to be educated, prepared and practiced before you could expect to do anything in case of an emergency. If you don’t know how to help someone, then you can’t be expected to drop what you are doing to come to the aid of a victim. However, if you are educated in the field of first aid, addressing injuries, and working through emergency scenarios, then you will feel more confident in tackling a problem as you come across it.

Let’s learn more how getting a first aid certification can boost your confidence and cause you to spring into action when it is needed!

Did you witness an accident? Use your first aid certification and training to help an innocent person

First off – what is first aid? By learning first aid and emergency response, you can figure out the best way to help someone who has been in an accident or undergone trauma. If someone was injured, they are suffering from an illness, or there was a sudden problem, you can use your first aid training to be able to help care for a person who is in need while you wait for medical services to arrive. If you have called 911 and an ambulance is on the way, but you need to help keep the person breathing, clear their airway, or restart their heart, learning about first aid is the best way that you can keep them alive and healthy before the ambulance arrives.

But what will you learn during a first aid course? To earn your first aid certification, there are certain subjects that you will need to master! The most important topic to learn in your first aid certification course includes dealing with choking hazards in adults and children, treating various severities of burns, curing poisoning, dressing external bleeding, treating strokes, helping with seizures, and fixing diabetic injuries, and low blood sugar.

To avoid being a victim of the bystander effect – and causing the real victim to suffer – you can take the first aid certification course either online, in person, or through a combination of hybrid classes. By learning at your own pace, re-visiting courses as needed, and studying the information as you go along, you can get a comprehensive knowledge of all first aid subjects.


Have you watched someone you knew was in an accident and you don’t know how to help? Did you watch someone have a diabetic issue and you don’t know how to treat them? If so, then you may have felt helpless – this is the bystander effect. Avoid this from happening again by being prepared and earning your first aid certification!

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