Are You Aware of the Technologies That Have Changed the Casino World?

Online gambling is a burgeoning sector in Portugal and globally that has grown relatively quickly because the industry is highly versatile and easily adapts to technological developments.

This article features our author Martim Nabeiro, an online casino expert, discussing gambling industry trends you probably didn’t know in addition to significant technological advancements.

Virtual Reality

The advent of virtual reality has dramatically altered the online gambling landscape. Casinos increasingly give 360° viewing for players to provide a realistic gameplay experience. They also employ stereo modes to enhance engagement.

This heightens the realistic experience by allowing the players to interact simultaneously. It bridges the gap between online and land-based casinos.

AI Technology

Artificial intelligence or AI technology has provided numerous advancements for online gaming. It is an excellent assistance tool that makes more accurate predictions. This interactive trend has contributed to creating fantastic automated possibilities, allowing players to enjoy a more polished experience.

As a result, Portuguese gamblers enjoy more engaging and more efficient playing methods. So it’s no surprise that an increasing number of frequent gamblers are flocking to online casinos.

AI has already demonstrated its capabilities in the corporate sector. It’s a gift for data-sensitive industries like iGaming. Additionally, technology improves the security and time management of all participants. And they can do it from the convenience of their own homes.

Cloud Gaming

This is yet another technological advancement that allows users to enjoy online gambling on a whole new level. In addition, cloud gaming increases storage capacity, enabling the games to contain higher-quality graphics.

Consequently, the visual impacts for the players have improved drastically. Moreover, it’s advantageous because the problems associated with heavy software have been eliminated, increasing the resolution of online games. It also ensures that the games operate smoothly without lagging.

Facial Recognition and Smart Camera

Technology has also made it possible to keep players safe against suspicious activities. For instance, card counting and money laundering in casinos are serious issues. Without proper monitoring, the company and its customers are put in danger when such cheats and criminal activities persist.

As a result, casino owners and managers have turned to technology to catch the criminals in the act. Among these are facial recognition scanners that can tell whether or not a person has a criminal past in real-time.

Installing smart parking lot cameras to identify license plates is also an option for casinos. They can then utilise that information to identify potential criminals by their car plate numbers.

Improved Payment Methods

Payouts and refunds were a problem for online casinos until recently. For international players, this was a significant discouragement. Also, completing a transaction usually took anywhere from three to five business days before now.

Further, there was the issue of converting between different currencies. Thankfully, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have revolutionised financial transactions.

Casinos can now send winnings and refunds directly into the players’ digital wallets. Consequently, fiat money conversion does not require the assistance of banks either. Since they don’t show up on any bank statements, they’re completely private. As a result, players feel more secure.

Better Smartphone Experience

The development of dedicated mobile applications has also improved the online casino sector. Now, players can access their casinos from any location, at any time. Even those who don’t have access to a PC can partake in online gambling.

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t necessary. Wouldn’t you want to play online bingo while being stuck in the traffic? You can do it now, thanks to the latest developments. This makes online gambling more convenient and enjoyable.

A significant disadvantage of online gambling was the stark difference in experience between land-based and online casinos.

Online casinos never quite measure up for those who visit physical casinos regularly despite the juicy bonus deals. However, online casino technology advancements have significantly narrowed the gap. Particularly with the advent of artificial intelligence, as mentioned earlier.


Online gambling is extremely adaptable to technological advancements which will continue to improve in the future. That is why it is gaining popularity every day.

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