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Are SEO Agencies Really More Effective Than Doing SEO Yourself?

It’s not simple to expand a small or medium-sized company. The route to company expansion is already challenging, and deciding whether to outsource some tasks or conduct them in-house makes things more complicated.

All analysts or marketing experts heard the expansion opportunities presented by SEO. Understanding SEO, in theory, is one thing, but knowing how to put it into practice is different.

If you have any of these following inquiries, as well as if your business resides in Bangkok, the article is for you:

  • Is it wise to work with an SEO Company Thailand?
  • To what extent can I handle SEO myself?
  • Can search engine optimization services be obtained without financial investment?

Your expertise is in managing your company, not in search engine optimization. This guide will aid you in deciding whether you should do search engine optimization on your own or work with a professional SEO Agency in Bangkok.

Should you use the services of a search engine optimization firm?

The answers to these commonly asked questions can shed light on the benefits of SEO services and help you decide whether or not to work with one.

Just what does an SEO firm do?

An SEO firm implements industry-standard SEO strategies to raise a client’s organic search ranks and attract more of its target audience—processes like this aim to enhance the usability of a company’s website and boost its marketing ROI.

What Services Does an SEO Agency Offer?

Search engine optimization firms enhance your site’s article and accessibility better to match your services to the needs of your audience.

An SEO firm will not only work to enhance your site’s content but also its technical SEO features, such as the site’s code and the presence of structured data markup. Last but not least, SEO companies will increase your site’s visibility by gaining backlinks from authoritative resources.

Let’s say your brand is about clothes. When hiring an SEO company, it’s essential to know how people in your region are looking for a clothes eCommerce site to target their efforts accordingly.

The next thing you can expect from the company is an optimized website for your clothes eCommerce site that fully addresses the purpose of related search terms. Your local SEO strategy may include such factors as the cost of your services, the location of your physical stores, and how you handle customer payments.

With the agency’s aid, your page will become the most informative of all similar pages in your area. Hiring an SEO company will likely create a content marketing plan that addresses common customer concerns. For trendy or stylish clothes, this may include writing blogs on topics such as the new year trends, stylish design, etc.

This kind of content boosts the visibility of your eCommerce site in search engines and attracts potential clients looking for information on relevant issues. However, the steps outlined above are only an overview. This Search engine optimization for clothes eCommerce tutorial will provide a more in-depth explanation of the situation.

At last, an SEO firm will create inbound links from relevant resources. Garments sites and other directories with relevant connections are examples. The next time you wonder, “What is the purpose of an SEO agency?” remember that their efforts are often behind-the-scenes but will pay off in the long run with more revenue.

Why will SEO Agency make any difference?

The structure of SEO is that firms seldom give over tangible results. You are not paying for a service to be performed or for the delivery of marketing materials like index cards or trade fair displays. As a result, it might be challenging to evaluate the efficacy of your SEO firm.

You may gauge the performance of an SEO firm by looking at quarterly customer comparisons based on the percentage of clients acquired via organic channels. Customer growth via organic means is expected to stay flat for the very first six months. However, a return on investment for an SEO effort should be seen by the third quarter.

Don’t keep an SEO firm if you haven’t seen new clients in nine months. They’ll attempt to get you to remain longer, but a good agency will have results to show for your time by the end of the first year. Don’t throw away your money.

DIY SEO: What do you need to know?

While it is feasible to teach oneself SEO, your results will likely be closer to 40% than 100%. How can I account for a forty percent margin of error?

Optimizing individual pages, promoting them via content, and constructing inbound links constitute the bulk of search engine optimization. The time commitment associated with implementing any of these tactics means that on-page SEO is really all you can do on your own.

Realizing how to develop backlinks to your site and writing on your own would never yield ROI if you are the head of a small or medium-sized firm. These activities are just too lengthy and challenging to carry out profitably.

That’s good news, not bad. As an industry leader, you have an advantage over your competitors’ marketing departments when it comes to using on-page SEO to market your services.

As the business owner, your knowledge of your goods and services surpasses that of any marketer. Learning the basics of keyword research will allow you to create high-performing sites that your rivals will have trouble matching. You should expect to get back on your investment of time of about 40% if you implement these changes.

You won’t find a more effective SEO specialist for your field than a technical expert who also studies SEO.

You’ll have to put in a lot of hours.

Consider how much time you have to devote to the new role, in addition to your current responsibilities, before deciding to take it on. Successful SEO requires a lot of planning and focus. You might as well do nothing if you don’t put in the effort necessary to make your strategies work.

If you have an employee that is already overburdened and you assign them SEO tasks, you shouldn’t expect great results. Make sure that whoever on your team is in charge of SEO knows what they’re doing, is willing to learn more, and won’t let SEO go by the wayside while they focus on their other responsibilities.

When deciding whether or not to hire an in-house SEO specialist, it is always prudent to evaluate the potential savings against the expense of employing an outside firm. Although firms often handle the accounts of numerous customers, you may find that having your personal SEO manager is worth the added cost.


Before deciding whether to hire an SEO Agency in Bangkok or handle this aspect of digital advertising in-house, you should give careful consideration to the aforementioned concerns.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization (SEO) deserves the same level of care as that of the whole of your marketing strategy; thus, you should make an effort to prepare as thoroughly as possible and weigh the pros and disadvantages of each option.

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